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Memorial Pillar

AKA stuff that has outlived its usefulness

UPDATE July 2022: I've cleaned the cemetery itself from the rotting corpses. Only stuff that might still be useful / interesting to someone, remains.

April Fools 2022

April Fools 2022, showing female diggy

April Fools 2021

April Fools 2021

Did you really think I'll give up so easily on something I've worked on for so long? And especially become a normalfag after being so autistic about privacy and other stuff? Hopefully not, but if so...

Daryan Crescend laughing

2021 New Year message

2020 will be remembered as the year the ruling vermin tried their best to kill it for us. They will surely try to continue in 2021, so let's make it a resolution to not let them. Spread the word about the fake pandemic - which is what allowed them to do everything they needed. Avoid all big corpos that have censored people or spoke in favor of it (G, FB, Twitter, Moz, Wikipedia). Use Freenet, TOR, encrypt your files and communications. Try to move your activities to the physical sphere as much as possible, which are more meaningful and harder for the fearmongers to takeover than the Internet. Don't wear a mask if you can avoid it, don't take the vaccine, don't watch corona "news", give your grandparents Vitamin D if you're worried (this will help them more than muh masks). Remember that we heavily outnumber the fearmongers. By working together, we can end this circus.

April Fools 2020

April Fools 2020

Fun times. Didn't think people would fall for it at all. You motherfucker hahahaha.

2020 New Year message

Happy new private year and decade! Looking for a new year's resolution? Try standing up against the Tech Giants - who are trying to censor, control and destroy the Internet and the world. Avoid Google, Amazon, Twitter, Facebook, Cloudflare, Apple, Microsoft and Mozilla. Go even further and support the creation of a new Internet and a new world with tools such as Freenet. Also inspect these articles to know who's our real enemy and what do we have to eventually do.


Too much work that drains my creative energy. Actually, I recommend a news detox for everyone even if you're reading alternative news sites. News = a concentrated dose of toxicity in your brain every morning.