My email address is Please attach your public PGP key when messaging me. If you can't do that - or don't want to use E-mail for whatever reason - just message me with XMPP+OMEMO.

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XMPP icon XMPP: diggy@digdeeper.clubXMPP icon
XMPPGroup chat: No backup.
IRC bridge: / / 4eav3ecmqbrjoo3ivqc7cfezkl5mrui3olwba77bohijdu5d2i4sirad.onion / sa4rhxcabofmjx2pdbqiz27mm5ewoflejqxnpkqpmmnxaisttd3a.b32.i2p / rub3lxgebmokcnppqdic6kll4w3mesp7ef6gzanogmmszqzitl4kqpad.onion channel #digdeeper. What this means is that you can interact with the XMPP chatroom through an IRC client, if that is what you prefer.

OMEMO fingerprint (for 8FAF23C9 BDD5CDB8 8DBDD588 54CD1368 E5C79714 92C153B0 A6B69E1D CB140063

We do not use OMEMO in the group chat anymore, however you can message the specific participants using OMEMO directly. For that, you will need an OMEMO compatible client (Psi, Dino, Gajim, Pidgin, Conversations, ChatSecure...) and server ( - not always reliable; used to list Disroot as OMEMO-supporting when it wasn't). Please do not use, it requires filling a craptcha for anyone who wants to add you to their contact list. Also check out qorg's review of various XMPP servers. For Pidgin, OMEMO works through the lurch plugin, so install it and enable through Tools > Plugins. For Gajim, you need OmemoGajimPlugin. If you have a problem, message me and I will try to help.