The Enemy Who Surpasses The Law

- Introduction -
- The elites' crimes -
- Banalities you can get punished for -
- The point of the law -
- The folly of elections -
- There is no democracy -
- Protests don't work -
- Fines don't work -
- You can't run away -
- The courts are compromised, too -
- Summary -


These "crimes" you all speak so seriously of... To me, this has all been nothing more than a game.

The elites' crimes

The obvious question is: are the vermin commiting these crimes going to suffer any consequences? And the answer is a resounding NO - in fact, in our current society, the elites and their minions have free reign to kill, hurt and destroy. And they don't even try to hide it - it's out in the open; I've found all the above information on public search engines. So the high-up mass murderers get off scot-free; what about regular people?

Banalities you can get punished for

Okay, enough of these. Painting graffiti, feeding pigeons, begging or selling handmade stuff will net you a bigger punishment than even mass murder at the hands of the elites (who will not suffer any consequences at all). They are an enemy who surpasses the law - since they make it, they have of course included a clause for themselves and their minions to be immune to it. All the stuff for which you would be punished, they do with impunity. Take the Kazakh guy who went to prison for hanging a banner, while the government can freely spread (archive) (MozArchive) political propaganda (archive) (MozArchive) everywhere they want to - on buses, flats, the radio (archive) (MozArchive), TV...Of course, they also let big corpos do the same. The world is their territory, their playground - they are the judge, jury and executioner. It is up to them to decide what "crime" means - if they decide cutting down trees is justified, then that's that (but only if they do so (archive) (MozArchive))!

The point of the law

The above examples should have made clear that the law exists for the purpose of keeping the current power structure where the really high ups can do everything, while the plebs at the very bottom exist only to be enslaved and abused. It even includes something called disorderly conduct (archive) (MozArchive), which can fit absolutely everything and is obviously designed to provide a way to punish anyone the elites want to get rid of. The structure is like a pyramid with only three levels: the bottom one that's extremely wide and fits almost everyone, the middle one that's very narrow and contains only the protected groups that keep the plebs on leashes, and the top one that's one block-wide and is dedicated to the very few elites that decide everything (this is simplified, but works for easy understanding). A good analogy would be the Nazi concentration camps that had the Nazis as ultimate rulers, then the Kapos (who - remember - were still prisoners themselves, just with some privileges like avoiding abuse and receiving better food, etc) that were assigned the task of keeping the other prisoners under control, and finally the vast majority of regular prisoners that were on the level of cockroaches. The prisoners particularly abusive and power hungry were chosen for the Kapo positions. Does that remind you of something in the current world?

Police are the modern Kapos, ordered to bully the plebs and remind them of their position in hierarchy every so often, so that the rebel's spirit is contained. They suffer no punishment (archive) (MozArchive) even if they hurt or kill innocent people (archive) (MozArchive). From the first article: Police fatally shoot an average of around 1000 people each year, and the criminal justice system holds that almost every single shooting is legal. Why are the elites allowing them to avoid consequences? Because they are performing a useful and essential function of keeping the public under control. It all starts already in school (archive) (MozArchive) - the process of creating a scared and obedient population has to begin when they're young and defenseless:

In December of 2015, Tucker, a 13-year-old Black student in Washington state, was arrested as a result of an incident that started when he mumbled a curse word to himself. Tucker’s teacher ordered him to go sit outside on a bench; when Tucker refused to go outside unprotected in the cold, his teacher called the school police officer. The officer grabbed Tucker, slammed him to the ground, and as Tucker flailed, put his knee of the back of Tucker’s head. Tucker was then arrested and booked into juvenile detention. He was charged with the crimes of ‘disturbing school’ and ‘disrupting a law enforcement officer.‘

And the abusers are unaccountable as usual:

Even fewer schools require any kind of data collection of officer activities. And overwhelmingly, students, parents and teachers have little oversight of, and no recourse for conflicts with, school police officers.

This job is so important that a police officer cannot ever feel inhibitions while doing it - thus their immunity to punishment. Disruption, disorder, resistance is something the system absolutely hates and it must be swiftly and fully dealt with. Another way this happens is when social workers (another set of Kapos) take away the children of people raising them "wrong" (a kidnapping if done by anyone else), which can include the child not being heavy enough, despite being healthy otherwise (archive) (MozArchive), using a mineral supplement (archive) (MozArchive), or feeding them an organic diet (archive) (MozArchive). They are also unaccountable (archive) (MozArchive), as you might have guessed:

However, there is one thing that remains rare in CPS cases - that is, for anyone within the system to be held accountable. Repercussions for social workers, the CPS agency, or doctors involved in taking children from innocent parents are very rare.

Ukrainian war grabbers are another set of Kapos, hunting down people who don't want to be sacrificed inside some ditch for the delusions of psycho Zelensky. Some videos of them in action. If you don't trust that "conspiracy video site", here (MozArchive) is a mainstream source admitting that the grabbing happens:

In one video three officers in military fatigues push a man in a tracksuit into a van. A policeman walks away and hides in his unmarked car, as if wanting nothing to do with the forcible recruitment. Then women are seen attacking the officers and opening the van’s door, allowing another man to escape.
In another episode, recruiters have grabbed a man in the street, as an angry crowd stands by. A female voice shouts: “fuck off! You are worse than the Russians.” Another example - filmed form a bus - shows a man in black, intended for recruitment - push the officer to the ground, then run away.

At least people resisted, but it's not enough. The Kapos have not incured any permanent damage and will surely come back for another victim where the bad ending might finally happen (dying in the aforementioned ditch). The problem is the current societal structure of "lawmakers" deciding what will be done to "citizens", and then sending their pawns to execute. The long drawn out process of writing down the laws and voting on them (you are not invited to the vote) only gives it a pretense of legitimacy in the minds of people, but doesn't actually make a difference - you're still being grabbed. And it's the pretense of legitimacy, the pretense that the blame lies on the "citizens", that makes the law a particularly sneaky - and important to deal with - enemy.

The folly of elections

Often - when you mention a societal problem to people - they reply with a variant of "it's because of the politicians we've voted in!" as if they were hypnotized. This is the great trap that the elites have set up: first, create the political system that enslaves people, and then convince them that the only way to change the situation is through that system itself (directing attention away from the real solutions). Let's set the record straight: what can you even affect by voting (assuming the elections are real, which is doubtful)? Only which president or political party rules over you (again, assuming the reality of elections...). Of course there are usually only two or three realistic choices, because if you vote for some obscure guy, he has no chance of getting in anyway. But more importantly, as the voting period ends, so does your decision-making power. Now, the rulers can approve or deny whatever laws they imagine, and you can only sit back and watch. All promises that candidates have made go out the window, simply because there is zero consequence for violating them. More than that - if you live, for example, in an European Union country, your own nation has to answer to them anyway, lest it get fined (archive) (MozArchive). So the existence of even the national government becomes illusory; not that that would make us more free - you'd still have no way to affect specific government decisions (except to wait for the next elections and blindly hope your new ruler will finally do something about the things you care about - which barely ever happens, and literally never for things that could actually threaten the power structure). Clearly we can see, that even with the best assumptions, the voting system is completely hopeless for providing real change.

What about when something beneficial to us happens in the law world? Well, this works the same way as Mozilla implementing a change that actually helps the user once a year or so. They simply have to throw us a bone once in a while so that people celebrate and assume the system is working in their favor. Or, they could simply be accidental results bound to happen in a chaotic world. Anyway, when actually analyzed, these benefits often turn out to be illusory. Let's take GDPR, a recent law allegedly allowing people to request the data companies have on them, as well as require consent before - say - storing cookies on your device:

As you can see, GDPR is yet another colossal governmental failure, so common whenever they try to regulate the Internet. Of course, the solution isn't to let businesses do anything they want to, as that would be a way bigger disaster. You could try to make examples of a few of the biggest violators by throwing them in jail (but this assumes that the legal system isn't compromised in the first place), or just take away the incentives to be evil, which consist of mostly profit, but not only. Of course, uMatrix and other client-side solutions also sidestep the entire legal conundrum, and are quite acceptable for now. Long term, though, we need deeper changes.

Anyway, let's look at some other examples of supposedly good laws that are not so good when examined more closely. Maine lawmakers pass bill to prevent ISPs from selling browsing data without consent (archive) (MozArchive). First of all, this law could have only happened because of another evil law (archive) (MozArchive) that came before it. Also, Maine is just one place out of millions in the world. How many people will really benefit? ISPs can still do lots of malicious things like show you ads, block VPNs or torrents, slow down connections on purpose, falsely advertise internet speeds, etc. Where are the laws against those? And it has to be asked what will be the consequences against ISPs violating this new law (I suspect nothing or a small fine as usual). And for every "good law" like this, a hundred bad ones get implemented - such as Austria's real name requirement (archive) (MozArchive), Germany banning encryption (archive) (MozArchive), GCHQ Ghost Proposal (archive) (MozArchive) (which would allow silently adding a law enforcement participant to a group chat or call), UK porn block (archive) (MozArchive), EU copyright directive (archive) (MozArchive), and many, many others. Then the thousands upon thousands of ancient laws that harm us to this day. It always makes me cringe when people send letters or petitions trying to get a law stopped. I mean do you think that's really going to work? They know what they're doing and have no obligation to listen to the plebeians (that's me and you and anyone else who writes them). Even if such a letter succeeded, you'd have to send millions of those to tackle all the shit laws. You think you can do it? Good luck.

A polish naturopath (Jerzy Zięba) has tried for years to write politicians so that they could change some baseless or harmful medical norms - like the ones about cholesterol, etc (he says this in some of his interviews). And he had evidence for all his claims (he has connections to world renowned experts on many issues such as virology, nutrition, heart issues, etc). But he was ignored either way. It is obvious that the medical norms are controlled by the industry and that the regular citizen cannot affect them. This presumably applies to every single issue out there. How can we speak of democracy at all, in this case?

What about the so-called good politicians? Simply put - it's another illusion. Either they don't exist or they don't get into positions of power. Every so often an alleged political hero appears whom people then begin to worship. NaturalNews, one of my favorite news sites, still believes that Trump will make America great again, and runs stories defending him all the time. That's despite the fact that he lied about many important issues (archive) (MozArchive). UPDATE 2022: hey, maybe we should remind ourselves who was responsible (archive) (MozArchive) for the creation and popularization of the poison known as the COVID vaccine. Do you still believe in your political heroes? Has anyone out there shown even a drop of humanity during the "pandemic"? No - maybe except Jovenel Moïse, who refused a "donation" of the poison and was punished for that sin with death 3 months later. A week after the assassination, Haiti finally accepted the "donation" of 500k vials of poison. Can't make this up. All the other politicians buried their people with restrictions and shoved the poison up their asses (well, arms). And I'm not just talking about the presidents of Europe, Asia, etc. But also the health ministers and the lesser politicians who just went along with the narrative (and some even tried to push for forced vaccines).

Sure, there were also a few politicians who were against the narrative; however, they never got into power and the restrictions still got pushed through. All the people who were theoretically supposed to make the best decisions for us (the presidents, health ministers, etc) - totally failed. I mean, not a single relevant person even mentioned Vitamin D in the treatment of COVID. Where are the Vitamin D dispenser sites? How is it possible that everyone in politics is so retarded as to not have realized the utility of Vitamin D (and other treatments)? And that no one has realized the danger of the vaccines, even when people are dropping like flies? Of course, it's not retardation that did it - but the fact that they were all following orders.

I originally wrote this report before COVID. But - if there is anything that proves the theory about the NWO / shadow government - it is the fake pandemic. I mean, every major politician has swallowed the narrative; this is clearly impossible organically. We even have proof from the highest positions at the WHO, where the ivermectin treatment was buried. Not that I think ivermectin is so great, but that isn't the point here. Everything that went against the lockdowns, masks, distance and vaccines had to die. And so it did. Oh, and of course - as is the theme of this report - none of the people responsible suffered the slightest consequences.

Therefore, it is obvious that politics cannot be a route for any major, positive change. And yet, the myth is very important to the elites. As said before, it serves as a dead end for people to get trapped in. That's why the media often shows vigorous debates between various politicians and spreads the left wing / right wing mythology so that people begin to form camps that fight between each other - all while being unaware that their opinion is irrelevant, especially since the elites control all the provided options (hey, it's Google vs Mozilla once again!). The elites do everything to direct your focus towards the recent "smart" Trump tweet, the latest political scandal or yet another fake conflict (Russia or China versus USA...) so they can continue applying their plans under the veil of distraction. Edit: here's (archive) (MozArchive) an example:

The American Jobs Plan is an investment in America that will create millions of good jobs, rebuild our country’s infrastructure, and position the United States to out-compete China
Like great projects of the past, the President’s plan will unify and mobilize the country to meet the great challenges of our time: the climate crisis and the ambitions of an autocratic China.

Another one from the UK (archive) (MozArchive):

UK's energy security plan aims to boost job creation and reduce reliance on hostile states like Russia
The government said its approach would seek to reduce dependency on imported fossil fuels by bolstering the domestic oil and gas industry, investing in clean technologies, and isolating Russia's regime from global energy markets.

There's always some hostile state somewhere far away, but never right here. And so you focus your attention on that hostile state while ignoring how you're getting fucked by your own government. Because it's not really state vs state, but elites vs plebs. Sticking it to "that other country out there" doesn't make your life better (and probably decreases the quality if anything), but might make some politician feel better.

There is no democracy

Some people have complained about how stupid democracy is because stupid people get to vote. Or because it's tyranny of the majority. Or because it's two wolves deciding to eat the sheep. But that's surface level thinking. Guess what democracy actually means (archive) (MozArchive):

The word “democracy” comes from two Greek words that mean people (demos) and rule (kratos).

And how it's supposed to play out in practice:

Each year 500 names were chosen from all the citizens of ancient Athens. Those 500 citizens had to actively serve in the government for one year. During that year, they were responsible for making new laws and controlled all parts of the political process. When a new law was proposed, all the citizens of Athens had the opportunity to vote on it.

If not, then how the FUCK can the current system be called a democracy? It is the exact opposite of the original Athenian democracy. Using that word to describe whatever we have right now is literal Orwellian doublethink. Because the amount of influence your average citizen has right now is exactly zero. I have literally never seen anyone speak about democracy positively, because they all associate it with the modern rule by the 0.001%. But actually, if we had Athenian democracy in every city (or even per smaller area), then nothing would be able to pass without at least most people living there agreeing with it. It would still not be a panacea (people could still choose dumb laws, or be bribed by big corporations etc; and maybe running society according to something rigid like "laws" isn't the best option anyway) - but a massive improvement over the current system which has a small group of psychopaths stepping on the plebs who can only receive the boot. And yet everyone these days has a knee jerk reaction against the one thing that could actually fix this world.

Athenian democracy - by the way - would be really easy to do through the Internet. I mean, just have a HTML form with all the "current things" votable every month or so. Many ways this could go wrong, of course; someone would still have to come up with the votable issues, and ensure to frame them neutrally. There'd need to be good security on the backend so that no one could double-vote or vote for someone else. Of course, you'd probably have to dox yourself to the website and prove your location - but you do that with "regular" voting anyway; and this one would actually accomplish something. There'd need to be full transparency with publicly available anonymized voting results in real time, so that the current rulers cannot cheat and bypass the people's wishes to push their prefered policies. But again, even a badly done Athenian democracy would be much better than what we have currently. No excuse to not at least try it.

Protests don't work

On January 31, 2023, 1.27 million French people protested (archive) (MozArchive) against the upcoming rise in retirement age from 62 to 64 years old:

For comparison, on January 31, the biggest day of demonstrations so far, some 1.27 million took part, according to official figures.

On March 7, another one happened - this time with two million people:

trade unions announced that “more than two million people” would take part in rallies on Tuesday.

Regardless of that, the policy got implemented (archive) (MozArchive):

Late on Saturday, 195 senators voted in favor of the plans, with 112 opposing them

See? The rulers do not care about your opinion. But the protests are continuing still. Remember what Einstein said about insanity? Do you really think they'd let you do something that actually threatened the power structure? That's why it's so funny when people tell you to "check the laws in your area" - or something similar - before going to a protest. Isn't that missing the point? We protest because the laws do not serve us. Why care about following laws if the laws themselves are our targets? Hell, look at this guide to "legal protesting" (archive) (MozArchive):

Groups are allowed to use banners or signs, but restrictions may be placed on the size of the banners and signs as well as the material used in the construction. Signs may not be fastened to wooden sticks, for example, so demonstrators often afix signs to cardboard tubing or simply hold them.

Heh, they are even limiting fucking sign sizes and materials - almost as if the signs were some kind of explosive weapons.

Neither signs nor banners are permitted to be attached to public property such as light posts or telephone poles.

Of course, the "public" property belongs to your rulers, don't you dare touch it, peasant!

Try to obey law enforcement’s instructions [...] Never interfere with an officer who is approaching or arresting someone during the event

As seen above, a "legal protest" always requires you to bow down in the end. When it gets too spicy, the elites will just send their Kapo pawns (the police) to break it up. As if protests weren't ineffective enough already, following "legalities" ensures they will be completely toothless. It should be obvious - almost tautological - that bowing down to an abuser doesn't do anything long term. If he enjoys abusing his favorite human pets, and knows he's not going to suffer any consequence for it, why would he stop? In fact, he will increase the brutality more and more; that is exactly what happens in abusive relationships. At least, until the victim dares to resist - in a way that actually worries the perpetrator, instead of one he would laugh at (AKA "legal protests" or the chihuahua's barking). And this is why the chest-puffing right wingers end up hurting everyone when they scream "fed! fed!" (archive) (MozArchive) at anyone who dares to suggest resistance; they are the ones helping the elites by insisting on dead ends.

Fines don't work

Have you ever heard of a corporate big fish being jailed? Me neither. That is regardless of corporations being responsible for causing someone's cancer (archive) (MozArchive) through their products, and burying the evidence. Or bribing doctors to promote drugs proven to cause harm (archive) (MozArchive) for unapproved (illegal) uses. What would happen if you sold a poisoned doughnut on the streets? Probably an immediate jail time if caught. But for the corporate higher-ups, it's always either a slap on the wrist or a fine. That is if they are even required to pay them...

Showing the amounts various big corporations have been fined, by whom, and when

Apple fine was canceled (archive) (MozArchive). Facebook is not even confirmed yet (UPDATE July 2023: they were fined in 2019, still can't find a confirmation they've actually paid). Three of four Google's fines (as well as the Intel one) are being appealed (UPDATE July 2023: hey, Google actually lost an appeal (archive) (MozArchive). Finally, someone has at least paid; even though this barely put a dent in their earnings), and the remaining one was tiny in comparison. Oh, and I tried to find the resolution to the Intel fine, too, and guess what - 13 years later it got canceled (archive) (MozArchive). Do you now see the pointlessness of this whole fining circus? 13 years of legal screwing around, and nothing came out of it. How about the banking fines? With how much money they have, they pretty much end up being just slaps on the wrist - JPMorgan Chase is the largest bank in the United States, and is ranked by S&P Global as the sixth largest bank in the world by total assets as of 2018, to the amount of $2.535 trillion. So the fine is not even 1% of what they have. Besides, they can just print more (archive) (MozArchive). As we can see, fining corpos is nothing more than a theater, and the people responsible for their crimes never suffer any direct consequences regardless of the harm they do.

UPDATE: it is 2022, and I want to give a hard, mathematical proof that fines are useless. Look here (archive) (MozArchive):

On December 31, 2021, the CNIL fined GOOGLE a total of 150 million euros (90 million euros for GOOGLE LLC and 60 million euros for GOOGLE IRELAND LIMITED) because users of and can't refuse or accept cookies as easily.

A 150 million euro fine! Surely, Google will never recover from this. RIP. UPDATE 2023: the report for the full year is in, and the situation is even worse than it seemed:

Ruth Porat, CFO of Alphabet and Google, said: “Our Q4 consolidated revenues were $76 billion, up 1% year over year, or up 7% in constant currency, and $283 billion for the full year 2022

That's 775 million USD per day, which is 704.5 million EUR (by the April 2022 conversion rate of 1.10). They have regained the losses in less than a day (actually about 5 hours)! Have the officials really not learned basic math in school? Or maybe they've just been bribed; it doesn't really matter. The fact is that the fines are mathematically proven to be useless.

There is another aspect to be considered here. What HAS Google actually been fined for? Turns out it's because you can't deny their tracking cookies easily enough - Several clicks are required to refuse all cookies, against a single one to accept them. This is fine, the problem here is that it's only one of hundreds of abuses that Google is doing. They are still shoving reCAPTCHA up your face (and training their AI with it). Still sending a truck of data with every Google Chrome startup. Still collecting your internet habits from all the sites that use Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager or other Google trash. And correlating it all with the YouTube videos that you watch and the Gmails that you send. And since they are apart of PRISM, all of that is being sent to the feds. Then consider all the disgusting censorship they are employing on their search engine. Is it not obvious that punishing them for some cookies doesn't really matter?

Imagine Google as a country that is going to war. So they are deploying thousands of tanks, hundreds of fighter jets, and millions of ground troops with their high tech weapons. Obviously, they're crushing any poor country they've invaded in days. Finally, people manage to kill one of Google's soldiers, and this is proclaimed as some great victory. All while the wave of tanks and jets is still taking a dump on the country. Add to that alliances with other malicious "countries" like Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter, Mozilla, Amazon and Cloudflare - and you realize there is no way to win this war by removing singular "soldiers" - when the violating "countries" have trained a hundred more in that time. Hell, forget the "killing" of the soldier, since it's doubtful Google will stop the tracking cookie violations anyway - so make that "maiming". Against the whole of Google's army (plus their allies), all we've managed to do is MAIM (not even kill) one of their soldiers. Does anyone still think the legal system works? Even if you assume honesty, it cannot keep up with all the violations.

You can't run away

During the early lockdowns, someone on a forum I was on back then, asked for a safe place to settle to avoid NWO bullshit. He got a few answers like Japan or Belarus. But, the plandemic actually made it clear that the entire world is compromised already. Sure, there are better and worse places, but evil has placed its hands everywhere. Now I do not know the situation in every place out there, but it is obvious that the entirety of Europe, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, China (just for a few major examples) went extremely dystopian. Sure, there were outliers like Sweden and Belarus and some USA states that did a few things differently, but Pfizer still ruled the roost. You couldn't find a Vitamin D dispenser site anywhere, debate wasn't encouraged, tests were shitty everywhere, death stats probably faked everywhere, etc. If you were putting your hopes into Africa, South America, or smaller Asian countries - forget it. Remember the mysteriously dead presidents? I surely am not familiar with every one of those places, but check this, as an example:

Instant message saying that people are being hunted down for refusing the vaccine in Pakistan

Countries like Taijikistan were still being shoved (archive) (MozArchive) the vaccines by the WHO and other NWO spawns. Later, Taijikistan actually became (archive) (MozArchive) the first country that mandated the snake venom. So think long and hard whether those lesser known places are good tourist destinations... And remember, we have only covered COVID so far, and didn't touch all the other bullshit every country out there is doing. Even if running away to some place in Africa was viable, why should we do it? Why give up a higher quality (presumably) life in Europe or America? Why be forced to learn a new language? Why waste the money, give up the friends and everything? And how long would that place remain untouched by the hands of evil, anyway? It is clear that running away is at best a temporary solution that's also giving up way too much, and at worst, a total surrender to the forces of darkness. Stop running! There's nowhere to run. We have to fight for our current places of residence.

The courts are compromised, too

So don't expect them to protect you or give you mercy. If you do anything that even slightly bothers the elites - anything that might shake up the power structure - they will find some law out there (thousands to pick from) that you allegedly violated and use that to punish you with the highest possible brutality level. As an example, let's use that time a Polish farmer was punished for hanging this banner on his tractor:

Banner hanging on a tractor saying 'Putin, please clean up Ukraine, Brussels and our own government'

The direct translation is Putin, please clean up Ukraine, Brussels and our own government. It doesn't translate well, and I suspect you don't know Polish language, so let me tell you that zrób porządek (what a dictionary would translate as clean up even though I don't think it's the most meaningful translation) is the same term you'd use when doing a cleaning in your house, rearranging cables in your computer or tools in your cupboard, or even handling emotions that are running wild. Basically it's used whenever there is a situation to fix that's currently broken, so that's the English term I'd use, that or "install order". With that said, can you guess what they got him for (archive) (MozArchive)?

Po przedstawieniu zarzutów rolnikowi nawoływania publicznego do wszczęcia wojny napastniczej przeciwko Polsce, pochwalenia wojny napastniczej wobec Ukrainy, a także propagowania ustroju komunistycznego, na obecnym etapie oczekujemy na opinię sądowo-psychiatryczną dotyczącą tego podejrzanego.


After accusing the farmer of public calling for the invasion of Poland, supporting the invasion of Ukraine, and spreading communist regime, at the moment we're waiting for the psychiatric judgment about the accused.

The fucking calling for invasion was what got him. But can the insane psycho prosecutor and her media minions show me just where exactly does he do that in the banner? Am I waging war against my shelves when cleaning my room? Am I waging war against my diet when I add healthy food to it? That's how the mainstream is expecting you to think. Besides - even if Putin somehow read the banner (which is already extremely unlikely) and interpreted it this way (he wouldn't) - it's not like he'd then think "oh, this Polish farmer supports me, I now must triple my war efforts". You can't be "calling for war" with any relevant effect if the warlords are ignoring you (assuming you even accept the questionable mainstream theory of the war being caused exclusively by Putin's insane imperialist dreams). Who is actually supporting the war in Ukraine? The USA / EU politicians, of course, when they send weapons (archive) (MozArchive) there. I mean is there any more direct way of supporting a war even possible? War can't happen without weapons. And yet the elites are not going to punish themselves for sustaining it, of course. On the other hand, they will punish a random farmer who can't affect anything anyway.

The message in that banner actually sounds positive to me; what with removing the bad people in the stated governments and replacing them with better ones, or giving them better organization? That's what a natural reading of the sentence would suggest. Let me reiterate, there is absolutely nothing here about calling for or supporting any war. Again, this situation shows that the elites will get you whenever they want to, and you don't need to have done what they accuse you of. By the way, it was moderately hard to find a photo of the banner; most of the media sites appear to have scrubbed it. I guess they don't want you to know just why people are being dragged through the court system in the first place; you're just supposed to accept your place as the plebeian that receives whippings. And of course, the psychos can't simply wait for the trial, they're going to bully this poor farmer into total mental destruction before finishing him off when he receives his actual punishments:

Wobec Piotra G. zastosowano dozór policyjny. Trzy razy w tygodniu musi zgłaszać się na policję, oraz poręczenie majątkowe w wysokości 5 tysięcy złotych. Rolnikowi i jego córce grozi 5 lat więzienia.


Police supervision has been applied against Piotr G. Three times per week he has to visit the police station, as well as pay bail of 5 thousand zlotys (about 1K USD / EUR). Him and his daughter could be punished with 5 years of prison.

Since he's going to undergo psychiatric evaluation they are probably going to get him to admit he's insane (maybe with a promise of reduced sentence), and then happily run a media smear campaign on him, with the implication that questioning mainstream narratives is the result of defective psychology.


Laws are designed to keep us in chains. What is currently considered democracy is an illusion. Certain people are allowed to cause untold destruction without consequences while the not-so-lucky ones (that's you and me) suffer for violating the whims of the higher caste. Elections (if real) do not give us any power and in fact are a distraction. The most important thing for people to do, then, would be to topple the current law-based political system. The reason that the legal system is the target is because it alone serves as the final justification for all the bullshit. E.g you do the crime, you do the time. Whatever you think does not matter, as long as the mighty legal system disagrees. No question, those are the rules! Nothing else has this kind of power over minds. And when we realize this, we know that we have to get rid of the legal system. UPDATE January 2023: if you want an example:

I lost my business because I fed an unvaccinated man a pizza. That’s it. That’s literally it. What pisses me of more is that none of my friends in the restaurant business said or did anything to help me. You watched a brother burn in the street because I fed a man a pizza.

And then look at all the cucked comments justifying it:

"I lost my business because I chose not to refrigerate poultry". You don't have to like the rules, protest them, talk to public officials about them etc. You lost your business because you chose to break rules. If you behave like a child you'll be treated like one.
That’s on you bud. Rules apply to everyone no free passes given here.
Nah, homie. You lost your business because you refused to follow the same rules that were being applied to everyone else. Wanna take a stand? Cool. That has consequences. Call it what it is.
So you never lost your business because you fed someone pizza- it was because you failed to follow a government requirement during a pandemic because you didn’t want to follow it.
Then you got what you deserved. You did business with an unvaccinated person and endangered lives. You have only yourself to blame

As you can see, many (maybe most) people will comply with anything just because it's the rules. However, the rules are just what the elites make up for their own benefit. If you realize this, the obvious next course of action is toppling your abusers. How to accomplish it? Think about what makes people tick. It is emotions, of which the strongest one is fear. We all have in our brains the programming that allows us to flee from a bear in the wild. The elites are still human, and they have that programming, as well. The problem here is, that the ruling class has got too comfortable in their shiny seats. They probably haven't felt true fear in a long time. And because they haven't, they don't feel any inhibitions while executing their heavily violating actions.

Until the AI gains a lot of direct control, we can use the fear programming against the still human rulers. Instead of relying on the legal system to put out the fires caused by the violators (which it can't do in any even moderately effective way), we just prevent the fires in the first place. By striking the fear into the arsonists' hearts. What has happened in Kazakhstan (archive) (MozArchive) needs to become a regular occurence worldwide, so that the fear programming inside the elites' brains gets activated. Then, they will think long and hard before running a pandemic scam or any of the other thousands of violations. But of course, people first need to drop their cowardice, and the school obedience training makes it hard. When the world elites are finally robbed of their influence, we can try to setup Athenian democracy in our local areas - or some other system that actually gives the average person a say.

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