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Coronavirus scare and the blueprint for slavery

- Introduction -
- What really happened? -
- How dangerous is the new coronavirus? -
- Analyzing infection rates -
- Analyzing death rates -
- Analyzing contagion -
- Sweden versus Belarus (The Panic Destroyer)
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- Theory of origin -
- Microbes - the basics -
- Okay, so...what is the origin of the virus? -
- Do the authorities have our best interests in mind? -
- The authorities' useless coronavirus response -
- COVID vaccines suck -
- Analyzing Pfizer's trial -
- Natural immunity versus vaccine -
- Analyzing VAERS -
- Analyzing V-Safe -
- Analyzing COVID-NET -
- Extreme consequences of the COVID vaccines -
- The vaccine destroys the female reproductive system -
- The vaccine destroys the male reproductive system -
- Summary -
- Measures that actually work -
- Sources for the relevant nutrients -
- Herbal medicine -
- If it's not about your health, then what? -
- The blueprint for slavery -
- The not-so-Great Reset -
- Summary of the agenda -
- If this was not a PSY-OP -
- The fake pandemic brings societal problems into the open -
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December 30, 2019. Li Wenliang, a doctor at the Wuhan Central Hospital, told his colleagues that 7 people were diagnosed with SARS infections that were traced back to the Huanan Seafood Wholesale Market, and that precautions should be taken. A few days later, Li was "educated" by the police to "not spread rumors". In the end, he was proven right - patients were coming in with a "new type of coronary pneumonia" and one of them even infected him on January 12 (translation graciously provided by the Big G botnet):

I was very worried at first, but the doctor would comfort me every day when I went to the ward. I am no longer feverish, and my mental state is better than a few days ago. I believe the hospital and the doctor, I will definitely be cured.

After recovering, I want to quickly return to the front line and continue to see the patient.

So he was on his way to health. His parents also got infected and fully recovered:

My parents also had fever and other symptoms after me. The lung CT showed ground-glass lesions. They are being treated in other hospitals in Wuhan, but they are all fine now, without any problems

However, he ended up dying (archive), even though he wasn't in the age group (34) that dies from corona:

Early probability of dying from COVID by age

UPDATE: these are early figures and have now been proven terribly wrong. Despite that, even according to those, Li should not have died. Here are the updated ones. His parents - aged over 60 (with a significantly higher, but still extremely low death rate) - have been able to recover without any problems. The suspicious things about this story don't end here. Take a look at Li's photo from Wikipedia:

Photo of Li Wenliang

Now the photo of the allegedly sick Li:

Photo of sick Li Wenliang

Looks like a completely different guy. Face shape, hair and eyes seem to differ, but the biggest clue is the lack of moles on the first photo, which happen to exist in the second. This would not have been the first time the elites replaced someone - there's extremely strong evidence (archive) that they've done just that with Stephen Hawking. Also, why was Li reported as dead, and later revived (archive)? Clearly, the official story already stinks with fakery from a thousand miles - so let's dig deeper into this case:

What really happened?

October 18, 2019. A New York City hotel is holding a pandemic drill (archive) which is supposed to educate the world leaders on what to do if such a situation arose in real life. You can check out the full list of participants here (archive) - for now, just note that it contained people both from the USA and China. The highlight video of the event mentions stuff such as:

Literally everything stated in the video has later happened in the real world. But the single piece of evidence that seals the deal is the fact that they mentioned a novel coronavirus right at the start - instead of any one of the hundreds other possible infections (archive). How could they have known, if this wasn't planned in advance? They said (archive) that this wasn't a prediction and that the simulation was based on SARS (archive) (also a coronavirus) - but again, why not any of the other possible infections? And why did they get everything else right? These vermin have engineered this so-called pandemic and now - by saying it's a coincidence, lol - are mocking us right into our faces.

How dangerous is the new coronavirus?

Analyzing infection rates

On February 11, the amount of worldwide cases was 45134. Of course, that wasn't enough for the scaremongers so they started including clinically diagnosed cases (archive), which means they used symptoms, instead of actual testing - adding 15152 cases in one day. That's much better for our super serious pandemic. Even if we let that slide - the statistics can't be relied upon since the tests are only 20% accurate (archive):

When the infection rate of the close contacts and the sensitivity and specificity of reported results were taken as the point estimates, the positive predictive value of the active screening was only 19.67%

This means that - out of five people tested positive for the novel coronavirus - only one of them actually has it. This was a slam-dunk that we already knew back in February 2020, before the WHO even declared a pandemic. But the insanity doesn't stop here. Some people have blamed China for bad testing or faking, so let's check out how the German-developed WHO test (archive) performs instead:

To show that the assays will detect other bat-associated SARS-related viruses, we tested bat-derived fecal samples available from Drexler et al., (3) und Muth et al., (4) using the novel assays [...] All samples were successfully tested positive by the E gene assay.

See? The test is not specific for COVID-19. So, if you had some other bat virus, you might also test positive for nCov. Viruses mutate all the time and there are lots of undiscovered ones - who knows how many of those would trigger the test? Practical examples (archive) show that testing is worthless:

Four medical professionals with COVID-19 who met the criteria for hospital release or lifting of quarantine in China had positive real-time reverse transcriptase-polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) results 5 to 13 days later, according to a research letter published yesterday in JAMA.

The mainstream interpretation, of course, was that they haven't actually recovered and still had the virus. If so, why did two tests come out negative? The saner interpretation is that the test is a total joke. Hell, the article itself admits that the PCR test isn't reliable for diagnosing infectivity:

"Genomic material comes from virus, of course, but it does not indicate that infectious virus is present," Perlman said, adding that a positive test means that virus or was present a day or two before. "Certainly [RT-PCR] is useful diagnostically; it is less useful for telling us whether someone is contagious."

This is something we knew back in February 2020, and yet the world has been shut down based on meaningless tests. Have another example:

Zalman Goldstein has received results for six COVID-19 tests he has taken since mid-April. Three were positive, and three were negative. The contradictory results—including two on the same day that came back with different answers—have made it impossible for Mr. Goldstein, who is 74 years old, to schedule a medical procedure his doctor recommended before the coronavirus pandemic began.

Two different test results during the same day - plus four other tests elsewhere - and the guy still has no idea whether he has corona. A look at a crystal ball would likely give him more clue.

UPDATE November 2020: now the courts have gotten involved, and they have confirmed what was obvious all along - the tests are totally worthless. With the way they're used in most countries, the accuracy isn't even the 20% that was thought before - but a puny 3% (or even less). This means that 97% of people who are tested positive are not actually sick and cannot infect others. And so, the pandemic of paranoia and slavery was based on nothing substantial at all, and we've all suffered for it. Let's look at the scientific proof (archive):

It can be observed that at Ct = 25, up to 70% of patients remain positive in culture and that at Ct = 30 this value drops to 20%. At Ct = 35, the value we used to report a positive result for PCR,

Let me unpack this so it's more understandable. What the PCR tests are trying to do is find out if you have a certain RNA molecule in your body (the alleged new coronavirus). To do that, they need to amplify the sample enough so that it becomes detectable. Ct is the number of times the RNA molecule is being amplified. The more cycles you use, the less of the RNA you need for a positive test result. To be sick or infectious requires certain amount of the virus in your body - so if you have just a little of it, it will be harmless. But just how much is needed? That's what the cited study was set to show:

Graph of cycles required for PCR test accuracy

Most countries use 35 or more cycles for their tests, and at that point, the amount of the virus RNA in your body is so small as to be irrelevant; with that amount, only 3% of the samples in culture have the ability to be infectious. To reach 50% chance of infectivity, you must use at most 25 cycles - any more and the test's accuracy and usefulness sharply drops. And the fact that the authorities do not use those parameters proves they want as many cases as possible - even if they're fake. Anyway, the Portuguese court has ruled that quarantining (imprisoning) people due to a positive test result is now illegal (archive) (translation by a friend ^_^):

the diagnosis as to the existence of a disease, in relation to each and every person, is a matter that cannot be made by Law, Resolution, Decree, Regulation or any other normative way. Any diagnosis or any act of health surveillance carried out without prior medical observation violates Regulation No. 698/2019, of 5.9, as well as the provisions of article 97 of the Statute of the Order of Doctors, being liable to constitute the crime of usurpation of functions by article 358 b, of the Penal Code. Any person or entity that issues an order, the content of which leads to deprivation of physical freedom, ambulatory, of others that does not fit the legal provisions, namely in the provisions of article 27 of the CRP, will be making an illegal detention. By decision of 08/26-2020, the request for habeas corpus was granted, as it was illegal to detain them, determining the immediate restitution of the Claimants' freedom.

Now all we need is for other countries to follow - though I don't foresee the legal system helping us win the war, it's at least some kind of positive development. Anyway, as if the tests' inaccuracy wasn't enough, the fearmongers also double-counted (archive) tens of thousands UK test results. I suspect they've done similar things in many other countries, so the overall amount will be way overreported. Some countries have developed their own that were contaminated (archive) - so it's conceivable you could be getting infected from those (how ironic). Even if we assumed the tests were perfect, the people going to be tested are the ones who already have symptoms. See the testing policy for one of the US hospitals (archive):

He explained that the most eligible to receive testing for coronavirus are those who are already very sick with something such as pneumonia, or an individual who already requires use of a respirator.

Or the Indian policy (archive):

India has only been testing those who have travelled from affected countries or come in contact with a confirmed case and shown symptoms after two weeks of quarantine. On Tuesday it added health care workers with symptoms who are treating patients with severe respiratory illnesses.

This is how it works in most countries. Assuming the policies are followed, the people without symptoms - who would be likely to test negative - will mostly stay at home (selection bias). Therefore, the testing criteria will overestimate the percentage of positive cases. Even if we take the stats at face value (despite the problems with test inaccuracy and selection bias), the amount of infections still seems to be low in most countries. E.g as of today (June 23, data from worldometer) the UK has 67 875 245 people living in it. With 8 309 929 of those having been tested and 306 201 turning out positive gives us a percentage of 3.6 - or 0.45% per whole population (one person per 200). The whole crisis has been manufactured because of something that almost no one will actually get! Of course, not everyone has been tested so the real figure will be somewhat higher - but due to the aforementioned selection bias - likely much less so than 3.6%. Compare that to something like diabetes, which is not only much more dangerous but also lots more people have it - 8.3% in Italy (archive) or 10.5% in Spain (archive). Which is the one you hear more about? But wait, that's not an infectious disease - I hear you say. We get the flu every year, and the percentage of cases seems higher than with corona now - e.g 7.7% (archive) during the 2017-2018 USA season. And yet, there has never been even half as much ado about the flu compared to COVID-19!

Summary: we knew since the start of the fake pandemic that the PCR tests are not fit for diagnosing disease. Actually - we knew it all along; even the freaking inventor of the test (archive) admitted as much. At best they show that you have a certain RNA sequence in your body, which could be coming from any virus that contains it (not necessarily a live one; and not necessarily COVID-19 - admitted by the WHO), or even something generated internally by the cell (an exosome - I'll explore this idea later). The test parameters have also been deliberately set up in a way which severely overestimates the amount of "infected" people. There were also issues with test contamination and double-counting the results. As they say, garbage in - garbage out, and the test is the garbage on which the whole fake pandemic depends. Though even with all the assumptions in favor of the fearmongers, the overall amount of cases is still low and certainly not a justification for the extreme worldwide response. But the fakery doesn't stop at the testing:

Analyzing the death rates

Imagine you have in your hand a gun that can only kill people that wear green elf hats - it does absolutely nothing to anyone else. And even then - you'd have to wait weeks until the elf hat enthusiasts would maybe die. Wouldn't you think that is weird? Wouldn't you begin to wonder if - perhaps - it is those hats that kill their wearers, and not your weapon? If real guns worked that way, absolutely no one would buy such a piece of crap. Yet, that is exactly what COVID-19 does - except that the hat is replaced with chronic diseases and age (archive):

COVID death rate with and without chronic diseases

As you can see, it's almost impossible to die without those pre-existing diseases. Italy, which has had the highest death rate out of all the countries - provides even stronger evidence for my thesis. According to Silvio Brusaferro (archive) - head of Italy's health institute - not one of the over 4000 deaths has been confirmed to be from corona:

Rome, 13 mar 19: 12- (Agenzia Nova) - people who died from coronavirus in Italy, who had no other pathologies, could be only two. This is what appears from the medical records examined so far by the Istituto superiore di sanità, according to the president of the Institute, Silvio Brusaferro, during the press conference held today at the Civil Protection in Rome. "Positive deceased patients have an average of over 80 years - 80.3 to be exact - and are basically predominantly male"

Only two people were not at the moment carriers of pathologies, but even in these two cases, the examination of the records is not concluded and could, therefore, emerge causes of death other than COVID-19.

Translation graciously provided by the Yandex botnet. So, not only were the people who died old (look at the chart at the top of this report to realize anyone under age 60 is pretty much immune), but they've also all had chronic diseases - both massive causes of death that certainly don't need help from some puny virus. The deaths are also almost all from heavily polluted areas (archive) - yet another contributing factor independent of corona. Despite that, they will be all attributed to COVID-19 in the stats.

More recent evidence shows hospitals in the US are actually paid for putting COVID-19 on the death certificates (archive). Also, it seems flu deaths have almost completely disappeared this year, just like that. Of course, it's because they've been re-assigned to nCov. If you think that's bad, wait until you see how the United Kingdom counts its coronavirus deaths:

Criteria for a death to be counted as COVID related (in the UK)

That's right! If you get tested positive, then jump off a cliff or get poisoned by a snake in the woods, you're a COVID death case. As we can see, the COVID gun has no bullets in it; it can only seem powerful by plagiarising the deaths caused by other viruses, diseases, pollution or really any cause (confirming my theory that COVID-19 is just a label). And yet, the fearmongers have shut down the world over this fake gun. Okay, let's go for strike three against corona, which is its alleged extreme contagion:

Analyzing contagion

What would you guess is the probability of catching the virus if you live with someone who already has it? According to the media hype, you'd think it's pretty much a certainty. And yet the WHO's report tells a different story:

preliminary studies ongoing in Guangdong estimate the secondary attack rate in households ranges from 3-10%

What about non-family specific close contacts?

As of 17 February, in Shenzhen City, among 2842 identified close contacts, 2842 (100%) were traced and 2240 (72%) have completed medical observation. Among the close contacts, 88 (2.8%) were found to be infected with COVID-19.

As of 17 February, in Sichuan Province, among 25493 identified close contacts, 25347 (99%) were traced and 23178 (91%) have completed medical observation. Among the close contacts, 0.9% were found to be infected with COVID-19.

As of 20 February, in Guangdong Province, among 9939 identified close contacts, 9939 (100%) were traced and 7765 (78%) have completed medical observation. Among the close contacts, 479 (4.8%) were found to be infected with COVID-19.

So, 38274 people - who were all in close contact with someone infected - were tested in three different locations, and the overall rate of contagion was a puny 3.1%. To better visualise this: imagine a corona-infected person shaking hands with 100 different people - only 3 of them will catch the virus. Of course, the types and durations of "close contacts" will be different, but you can expect the average contagion rate to be about 3%. For a practical example, check this (archive).

Summarizing: 350 people were traveling from Wuhan to Toronto; one of them was positive for corona (confirmed through 2 different tests, each repeated twice). The flight lasted 15 hours, and despite there being 25 close contacts with the infected person, not one of them caught the virus. UPDATE: found another very well done study (archive) which supports low contagion. What the authors did was trace the close contacts of the 100 corona-infected people, locked them up after the last time they've met up during the study period, and checked if they got sick. What were the results?

In this case-ascertained study of 100 cases of confirmed COVID-19 and 2761 close contacts, the overall secondary clinical attack rate was 0.7%

Amazing - the killer virus can't even muster enough strength to infect 1 person per 100. Anyway - for honesty's sake - the study mostly tested only the people who actually got symptoms. But if the killer virus is sitting in your body harmlessly, what's the problem? Shouldn't the point be to avoid disease instead of a label? However, they did test even some asymptomatic people:

For high-risk populations, including household and hospital contacts, RT-PCR was performed regardless of symptoms.

For family and household, the contagion rate was somewhat higher - about 5%. This is still 95 out of 100 people living together with a COVID-19 case who will avoid infection. What about some studies that appear to show higher rates? Let's check one out (archive):

The secondary attack rate of SARS-CoV-2 in household is 16.3%

Oh no, 16%! I'm already hiding under my bed. This study measured only household infections, so it has no relevance to random outside "close contacts". Anyway, even the 16% isn't valid when you consider this gem:

The quarantined contacts who had symptoms were inspected at least 4 times by SARS-CoV-2 RT-PCR until their tests were positive.

Hahahahaha. So, the way they got this contagion rate is thanks to fraud. Literally - repeat the test until we get the results we want. Thanks for the admission. But how many journalists will pick this bit up? And how many studies just completely avoid mentioning such information? But I digress. Anyway, when a study is properly done (the previous one only had one test per person), COVID-19 fails to show an infectivity worth worrying about. Recall, also, that the virus does not spread by touching surfaces (archive) despite what the authorities were scaring us with all this time. Now, to be quite honest, some studies found different results:

How long does COVID remain infectious on various surfaces

There are some problems with them though. First of all, they are done in experimental conditions - temperature and many other parameters are kept constant, which doesn't have much to with what happens in real life. Second, and maybe more damning to the narrative - is how the ability of COVID-19 to survive on surfaces - even if just in experimental conditions - isn't any higher than the previous SARS. And the old virus has only infected 8000 people (archive) worldwide - and that's without a lockdown - so it's obvious that touching surfaces cannot be a route for the spread of COVID-19. As usual, the evidence allegedly proving the danger of corona ends up shooting the fearmongers in the foot, and confirming that the pandemic is fake.

Okay, so it's obvious they ran a scare campaign based on nonexistent, bad or fake data. Let's put the final nail in the coffin for the official narrative so we can move on to more important stuff:

Sweden versus Belarus (The Panic Destroyer)

Recently a claim is being spread (archive) that Sweden has the highest COVID-19 death rate in the world because of their weak response to the pandemic. Let us analyze it and we'll see that - contrary to supporting the fearmongers policies - it totally destroys them. First, let's check out Sweden's restrictions (archive):

primary schools remain open, borders are only partially closed, there are no compulsory quarantines or shutdowns of restaurants, bars, or public spaces

I'd say Sweden's response was much saner than the other countries'. After all, in most places coronavirus transmission simply doesn't happen (archive). However, social distancing was still recommended and public gatherings of more than 50 people banned. What were the results? As of writing this (June 22), Sweden has 10 097 695 people living in it; 385 695 of them were tested for coronavirus. Of those tested, 56 043 (14.5%) came out positive. Belarus, on the other hand - has a population of 9 449 390. They tested 876 639 people for COVID-19 (more than twice the amount of Sweden) and 59 023 (6.7%) of those came out positive. So, very similar population size and yet Belarus has less than half coronavirus cases. Here's a worldometer screenshot so that no one claims I've made up the data:

COVID cases and deaths in Belarus and Sweden

Anyway - why is this significant? Because Belarus' response to the coronavirus was even weaker than Sweden's! They've pretty much completely ignored COVID-19 (archive) - schools were closed only for two additional weeks, businesses stayed open, sports were still being played (AFAIK, the only country in the world to do so), and even a huge military parade was held (archive) with most participants not wearing masks. If the rate of infection depended on the severity of lockdown, we would expect Belarus to rank way above Sweden - yet it's the opposite (again, less than half the cases). Comparing to some other countries - in Spain, 5.7% of people who get tested turn out to have the virus. Belgium - 5.5%; Netherlands - 9%; Switzerland - 6.1%; Germany - 4%; France - 8%; Turkey - 6.3%. So, Belarus (6.7%) is right in line with countries that have had huge lockdowns. Brazil is another funny example - 45% people tested have COVID-19 despite all the restrictions. Let that sink in - it's pretty much irrefutable evidence that the lockdowns were pointless and have nothing whatsoever to do with the amount of infections. Of course, this also kills any computer model which relied on the recommended measures being effective (e.g the Imperial College model). Though it's the amount of actual cases that matters more (since the lockdowns should have prevented contagion, but didn't) - the original claim was about death rates, so let's check those out:

According to the June 9 worldometer data (archive) - Sweden's death rate is a little over 10% of all corona cases! This has been used by the media as proof (archive) that it's their lax response which has caused the deaths. Let's bust that claim right open:

COVID deaths by age group in Sweden

Similar to Italy - it's just old people yet again. I suspect a bunch of "co-morbidities" as well, but I don't think we have such great data proving that as from Italy. However, I managed to dig up an interesting quote (archive):

Data includes deaths with a confirmed COVID-19 diagnosis where the cause of death isn't attributed to COVID-19.

And so, it is very likely that - as in Italy - all these old people are simply dying from the diseases they've already had. Comparing with Belarus (June 9 data cause I don't want to redo the calcs):

COVID deaths in Belarus

Can't make this up. 49,453 cases and only 276 deaths gives a death rate of 0.55 percent per coronavirus case. So, only one out of 200 infected people will die from it. I wonder how would the fearmongers squirm out of these damning statistics? They totally kill the "Sweden's lack of lockdown is causing all these deaths" theory. As well as all the models and predictions that have been provided. After all, pretty much every other country has implemented draconian measures to combat COVID-19 - and they still come out much higher than Belarus in the amount of casualties. E.g the UK has 14%, Spain 9.4%, Greece a little over 6%, etc. Funny how the country with the least restrictions also ends up with the smallest death percentage. UPDATE June 2022: I've checked this recently again, and it's still true. The countries with significant restrictions still had higher death rates according to stats, while Belarus with none had 0.6%. So the restrictions have been conclusively proven useless in terms of curbing the deaths. Of course, the stat that (again) matters more is the amount of actual cases - I suspect the high death rates are just propaganda claims. Think about it: why would the same virus suddenly kill twenty times more people that have it, just because it's another country? Maybe they get better treatment in certain places, but I doubt Belarus is the king in that department; and anyway, the difference should not be so huge. Or, those countries could simply have more deadly variants of coronavirus - but then, it would be a lie to consider all those together as a single COVID-19 and would also kill the narrative. The simplest and most likely explanation is that Belarus' stats show the maximum true death rate of corona when reported accurately - the other countries are simply faking it (see Italy again). On the other hand - as long as the tests being used have similar accuracy - the amount of cases should go down as restrictions go up. Yet that has been totally reversed in this comparison. This is such a big blow to the mainstream narrative that we could end the report right here. But of course there's much more to say, so let's dig further:

Other fake claims

That's literally fake news - journalists went to those hospitals, and saw no one there (archive). For more see here (archive). Of course, it's not like hospitals being overcrowded never happened before (archive) regardless of COVID-19. UPDATE: actually, it seems the hospitals are overloaded every year, so corona did nothing special as usual:

News headlines showing overloaded hospital beds from 2012 to 2019

But were they really healthy? Many young people are not so healthy anymore (archive) and many chronic diseases develop without symptoms (archive) until in advanced stage. I doubt the doctors have been subjecting all those victims to a battery of tests which would have shown early heart disease, pre-diabetes, hormone abnormalities, low vitamin levels, etc. Besides, the media is faking those claims (archive) too. A healthy 16 year old woman dies - now how do we turn this into a coronavirus death? First test came out negative, second as well...finally, the third one was positive. There, we've got the young corona death we were looking for!

I'll let this chart speak for itself. Old stats, but remember that the claim was already made back then. Even if you multiply the deaths by a factor of ten, nCov just barely passes the norovirus. It is still weaker than the flu and has 7 other infections above it - which of course do not get spoken about in the media.

These predictions are based on computer modeling which is simply software that runs a simulation based on the assumptions built into it. To make it work, you need to input the relevant real world data, such as how long the virus takes to infect someone else, the percentage of people that will be infected on average, the death rates, the possible measures and treatments taken, etc. If any one of those assumptions is wrong, the whole thing falls like a house of cards. For an analogy, imagine a video game where you double the player's jump height. You can now access areas you couldn't before, get items you couldn't before, slay or jump over enemies you couldn't before. With just one small modification, the game balance goes out the window; the game is broken. And the exact same thing happens with computer modeling - a wrong assumption and the model becomes useless. Anyway, here's the infection data used for the Imperial College model (archive):

COVID infection data used for the Imperial College model

And now what the real data turned out to be:

And now the real data

Clearly, we can see that they seriously overestimated the danger of corona. And that's just one assumption among a bunch of others that need to be on point for the model to mean anything. Biology is, of course, extremely complicated and we can't really know most of this with good enough accuracy. Here's something else the model says:

We predict that school and university closure will have an impact on the epidemic, under the assumption that children do transmit as much as adults, even if they rarely experience severe disease 12,16 .

We now know that asymptomatic spread pretty much doesn't happen (archive), and kids just don't get sick with COVID. When applied to Sweden (archive), the model turned out to be completely useless, as expected. And yet, the UK's lockdowns were based on this turd.

First of all, various studies show that most so-called COVID-19 cases are asymptomatic. Of course, there are the usual caveats about the accuracy of the tests; but - just because you allegedly have corona - doesn't mean you're going to get any disease. The usual symptoms (archive) attributed to COVID-19 are extremely common in other diseases - infectious or not. Chronic disease like diabetes (archive) can cause the loss of smell and taste - and as we know, most so-called COVID-19 patients do have co-morbidities. This is just another case of attributing everything to the mighty virus without proof. Later they've tried to tack on yet more symptoms onto COVID-19, such as diarrhea (archive) - which is again extremely common and could be the result of something like poisoning. UPDATE: now the virus of destruction also causes neurological symptoms (archive). Of course, no proof is provided in the study and in fact they admit that the patients were not confirmed to have COVID-19 - Only seven patients had a CSF examination and none had a pleocytosis and none had detectable SARS-CoV-2 RNA detected by reverse transcriptase-polymerase chain reaction. As we can see, COVID-19 has simply become a convenient label under which you can throw absolutely any disease with not a shred of proof so that your fearmongering campaign works better.

Lots of new info recently came out about the vaccines, so I made them their own section.

Obvious fake news made up in order to install more travel bans. There's no way the fearmongers themselves could have known the new variant is any more infectious so fast. They admit that much themselves (archive):

"We do not know the extent to which this is because of the new variant but no matter its cause we have to take swift and decisive action which unfortunately is absolutely essential to control this deadly disease while the vaccine is rolled out."

A study came out on December 23, alleging that the new variant is 56% more infectious (archive). And yet the flights were banned earlier (archive), so the swift and decisive action was based on absolute zero evidence.

Around 60 countries have now banned or severely restricted arrivals from the UK

the total suspension of flights also affects essential journeys, business travel and other trips that were previously still allowed under UK and local restrictions.

Recall the failed Imperial College model? They've had much more time to develop that one and yet, it was proven terribly wrong anyway. I suspect the infection estimates of this new variant will turn out to be bullshit, as well. They fearmongers are already spreading predictions of doom though:

Our estimates suggest that control measures of a similar stringency to the national lockdown implemented in England in November 2020 are unlikely to reduce the effective reproduction number Rt to less than 1, unless primary schools, secondary schools, and universities are also closed. We project that large resurgences of the virus are likely to occur following easing of control measures. It may be necessary to greatly accelerate vaccine roll-out to have an appreciable impact in suppressing the resulting disease burden.

Which is the whole point of this fraudulent new variant. Spread fear, then increase the lockdowns and push vaccines.

You mean just like all these scientists (archive)? This is just an age old tactic of defining your critics out of existence, so you can claim the monopoly on truth and policy. It's used all the time by vaccinators, global warming peddlers, neo-darwinists, drug pushers, and many other priests of the orthodoxy. But, there's no substance to it - it's just censorship / mob rule with a lipstick called science. True science, by the way, proceeds precisely because it is challenged, not mindlessly worshipped!

This one usually goes like: There were (insert amount) of excess deaths in the year 2020 compared to 2019. The coronavirus provides a perfect explanation. Checkmate, denier! This is usually used in the context of the US (which has had 350K more deaths (archive) in 2020 than expected), but also the UK and sometimes others. The argument sounds convincing on the surface, but falls apart upon closer examination. This is because it relies on the fraudulently counted death statistics which consider chronic disease deaths, flu deaths, old age deaths, or even unrelated deaths as coronavirus deaths. So, when you realize that, all you're left with is a bunch of unaccounted deaths for the year which could be from anything. What was the other common thing between the countries which have excess deaths? The coronavirus response, of course. We know that it increases suicides, poverty and decreases doctor visits for anything other than corona, so that could explain a part of it. Otherwise, it could be any other cause, including something new that we will only discover years later. The point is, we can't use corona as an explanation for the excess deaths when we know the stats have not been accurately collected. UPDATE: ha! The detailed data for most countries is now in - and as usual, it reveals yet another beautiful argument of the doomers as an empty husk. Look:

Overall deaths per country from 2000 to 2020

It turns out that the US is a pretty unique case where the amount of 2020 deaths was significantly higher than all the previous 20 years. The UK was similar, but even there you can see that the death rate isn't anything different than what they've had in 2000-2003. The other countries are not so forgiving towards the doomer argument. Israel's death rates, for example, have been pretty much the same for the last 12 years, and actually higher from 2000 to 2008. A similar pattern is found in Denmark, Estonia, and Norway. The mocked Sweden with their mild lockdown did in fact have an increase of deaths compared to the previous year, but it disappears when you look a few years prior, so it could be simply explained as natural variation. Yet another huge hope for the fearmongers has been dashed from right in front of their faces!

Okay, so they lied about pretty much everything in regards to the novel coronavirus. But surely, it still exists. Wouldn't it be nice to know how it came about?

Theory of origin

There are lots of theories for the origin of the virus. The mainstream have mostly focused on animal hosts, especially bats (archive), but also pangolins (archive) and snakes (archive). Alternative media have jumped onto the bioweapon theories - whether created by the USA (archive) or the Chinese (archive). I was even able to find a theory of the virus being brought by a meteorite (archive). How to make sense of all this?

The first genetic sequence of the virus was uploaded to GenBank on January 10 ( (archive)). On March 24, Icelandic scientists found 40 different variants (archive) already - and all those came only from 3 different countries. How many more are there running around elsewhere, or undetected? And have any of those been shown to cause the diseases attributed to nCov? How do we even know the one from Wuhan was the first one? A genetic analysis (archive) appears to show the origin was elsewhere. Still - with the amount of variants and the fact that coronaviruses have been around since ages - we can see that the single, murderous COVID-19 we've been threatened with is an illusion. And so - since all the above theories rely on there being a single novel coronavirus - they must be wrong. But let's dig deeper as usual:

Microbes - the basics

Bacteria and viruses are microscopic organisms which are everywhere (archive) - you touch billions of them every day, and you cannot avoid them. One drop of seawater contains 10 million viruses. (archive) While in each cubic meter of air, there are between 860,000 and 11 million bacteria (archive) and between 1.6 million and 40 million viruses - much of them unidentified - Half of the viruses the scientists trapped didn't match any known virus species. Why are the fearmongers not worried about this assault that our bodies are experiencing every second (imagine how many of those millions of unknown viruses could be silent killers) ? Probably because they are aware that...

...we have an immune system that can kill every single bacteria and virus in existence - including the mighty COVID-19 (archive) or even salmonella (archive). If this wasn't the case - and we required a vaccine for every new pathogen that might appear (and this happens all the time (archive)) - anyone who didn't get it would just die. We have survived on this Earth for millions of years, and for a lot of that time, there was no handwash, antibiotics, masks or stuff like that. Yet we're still here today, because our immune system is very effective at its job. However, certain things (that are - surprise surprise - very common in industrialized societies) can weaken it. These include nutrient deficiencies such as vitamins A, C and D (archive), refined sugar (archive), industrial seed oils (archive) and psychological stress (archive).

The other reason is that the infectious theory of disease is very much in doubt. Bacteria perform extremely important jobs (archive) in our bodies - such as supplying essential nutrients, synthesizing vitamin K, aiding in the digestion of cellulose, and promoting angiogenesis and enteric nerve function. Increasingly, beneficial functions are also being found for viruses (archive) - Latent herpesviruses also affect natural killer (NK) cells, an important line of defense against pathogens and cancer because they kill virus-infected cells and tumor cells, in addition to producing cytokines like interferon. Over half (archive) of the cells in your body are actually microbial, including 8% of viral DNA (archive) that we're born with. Don't you think that - if these microbes were so harmful - that the body wouldn't bother keeping so many of them around? UPDATE: still, just because viruses have useful functions, does not mean pathogenic ones never happen. I kinda don't care about the exosome theory anymore - it is just weak and looks like a distraction. After all, in the second set of Spanish Flu experiments (in Portsmouth), they were able to spread the disease: Even though the supporters of the exosome theory claim that's not possible. There are just way too many examples of people getting infected, and the supporters of the "no virus" theories cannot explain them properly. Still, if you want to explore this idea, you can check out its supporters like Andrew Kaufman or Stefan Lanka, but I won't give it too much weight anymore. Either way, just because we're told something is infectious, doesn't necessarily make it so. There is historical precedent (archive) for creating fake pandemics in order to push the responsibility onto a mostly harmless virus while spreading poisons into the environment - which are the real disease-causing agents.

Okay, so...what is the origin of the virus?

UPDATE June 2022: I am rewriting this to be shorter and less confusing. Since the goal of the "pandemic" were the restrictions and the destruction of the human psychology itself, they needed to portray the virus as this monster we need to rally and fight against (same way war propaganda works). So they hugely overstated the contagion, the amount of cases, the death rates, faked stories about young healthy people being sick and overcrowded hospitals. The repetition of those claims through the media created association in your brain that signified danger and urgency. They've also ignored the fact that this "novel" coronavirus has been around in Spain since at least March 2019 (archive) and antibodies for it have been found in Italians long before the virus was officially discovered (archive). And then, the elites spread controlled opposition theories about China vs USA, etc. getting the alternative media on board. Even though Event 201 had people from all over the world - this was a worldwide conspiracy. The US even gave money to the Wuhan lab to study coronaviruses (archive). If the "novel coronavirus" was created in a lab, for which we have some evidence from the Veritas leaks, that still doesn't change the main points. That it's weak, that the restrictions don't help, that viruses have existed for a long time and our immune system can deal with them, that there are treatments other than vaccines that we can use, and that the whole thing was used to fuck us over. And even if you believe in the animal or alien origins of corona, all of this is still valid.

Do the authorities have our best interests in mind?

First, let me state who do I mean by the authorities. Most importantly, the so-called World Health Organization (archive) which has spread "guidance" over how to handle the fake pandemic (archive) and is the source of most of the recommendations and restrictions which countries over the world have taken up. Also the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (archive), which is just an EU-specific WHO. Then come the governments themselves who chose to implement those measures after all. Nutrition organizations that spread fake info to prevent people from healing themselves. The media that has scared everyone into submission could go in here too. So do they have our best interests in mind? If it wasn't obvious already - fuck no. Let me remind you of when the WHO tried to erase natural immunity from existence:

Bet that fills you with confidence, doesn't it? They've also made this malicious claim that is very telling:

Not yet. To date, there is no vaccine and no specific antiviral medicines against COVID-19. However, people, particularly those with serious illness, may need to be hospitalized so that they can receive life-saving treatment for complications.. Most patients recover thanks to such care. 

Possible vaccines and some specific drug treatments are currently under investigation. They are being tested through clinical trials. WHO is coordinating efforts to develop vaccines and medicines to prevent and treat COVID-19. 

The most effective ways to protect yourself and others against COVID-19 are to:

So they claim say is no cure for COVID-19. Surely, with 7000 experts working on there, they should know a thing or two about the immune system and how it kills microbes all the time (update: some people have claimed that COVID-19 magically bypasses the immune system - here's a direct disproof (archive)). And, there are things we can do to support it (which actually have evidence for their effectiveness) that the WHO and other pseudo-authorities completely fail to mention. On the other hand, they recommend measures that are at best unproven and at worst harmful:

The authorities' useless coronavirus response

Nearly two-thirds of participants (64 percent) reported feeling down, depressed, or hopeless; three-quarters reported being anxious, nervous, or on edge; and just over two-thirds (67 percent) reported having little interest or pleasure in doing things.

For instance, Rapaport said that Masbia saw a 500 percent increase in demand over the past few months.

“We have done disasters before, but nothing is even close to what we are doing now,”

Rapaport fears that these efforts are still not enough to calm the rumbling stomachs of thousands of New Yorkers.

From the selected studies there was evidence that children and young people who are lonely might be as much as three times more likely to develop depression in the future, and that the impact of loneliness on mental health outcomes like depressive symptoms could last for years.

The number of deaths from any cause among the 1,951,905 children in Sweden (as of December 31, 2019) who were 1 to 16 years of age was 65 during the pre–Covid-19 period of November 2019 through February 2020 and 69 during 4 months of exposure to Covid-19 (March through June 2020)

No more deaths of children during COVID than earlier. But wait, there's more:

From March through June 2020, a total of 15 children with Covid-19 (including those with MIS-C) were admitted to an ICU [...] No child with Covid-19 died.

Almost two million schoolchildren, and No child with Covid-19 died. But wait! They can still infect the teachers, so lock them up, right? Wrong:

Data from the Public Health Agency of Sweden (published report5 and personal communication) showed that fewer than 10 preschool teachers and 20 schoolteachers in Sweden received intensive care for Covid-19 up until June 30, 2020 (20 per 103,596 schoolteachers, which is equal to 19 per 100,000). As compared with other occupations (excluding health care workers), this corresponded to sex- and age-adjusted relative risks of 1.10 (95% confidence interval [CI], 0.49 to 2.49) among preschool teachers and 0.43 (95% CI, 0.28 to 0.68) among schoolteachers

No more serious COVID cases in teachers than in any other occupations. This makes sense when you consider that asymptomatic people can't spread the infection, and kids just don't get sick from COVID (despite the media coming up with fake stories trying to prove otherwise).

Residents eat meals in their rooms, have activities and social gatherings cancelled, family visits curtailed or eliminated. Sometimes they are in isolation in their small rooms for days.

“She, almost overnight, went from a very active lifestyle to a very limited life, and they had, very early on, a complete two week confinement just to her room,” Tory said.

During those two weeks, since she couldn’t exercise by walking to the library or doing her own shopping, Russell would stand up and sit down, again and again in her room, counting the times, her daughter said.

“I do want to underscore the fact that she wanted medical assistance in dying at some point,” her daughter stressed. “And she had told her family doctor that, but the application was hastened by the impact of the lockdown measures.

On Oct. 20, Nancy Russell died with her loved ones by her side, honouring her wish for a death on her own terms.

Teenage suicides before and after COVID

The worst month was March, the one where lockdowns began. This can only be due to the COVID-19 response, because what else has changed that could explain such a big difference? And we know that e.g social isolation fucks with you psychologically, or even the feeling of fear and helplessness that the media keeps "installing" into people via TV propaganda.

Infection with SARS-CoV-2 occurred in 42 participants recommended masks (1.8%) and 53 control participants (2.1%).

The results of the pulmonary function tests are shown in Table 2. Both sm and ffpm significantly reduce the dynamic lung parameters. The average reduction of FVC was −8.8 ± 6.0% with sm and −12.6 ± 6.5% with ffpm. FEV1 was −7.6 ± 5.0% lower with sm and −13.0 ± 9.0% with ffpm compared to no mask. The peak flow measurement showed that both sm and ffpm significantly reduced the PEF (−9.7 ± 11.2% and −21.3 ± 12.4%, respectively).

FVC - forced vital capacity; FEV1 - forced expiratory volume in one second (these two parameters decrease if you have lung disease); SM - surgical mask; FFPM - N95 mask.

The measurements show that surgical masks, and to a greater extent FFP2/N95 masks, reduce the maximum power. P max (Watt) depends on energy consumption and the maximum oxygen uptake (VO 2max). The effect of the masks was most pronounced on VO 2max. Since the cardiac output was similar between the conditions, the reduction of P max was primarily driven by the observed reduction of the arterio-venous oxygen content (avDO2). Therefore, the primary effect of the face masks on physical performance in healthy individuals is driven by the reduction of pulmonary function.

Low peak expiratory flow is very harmful to people with any kind of breathing problems:

If your PEF drops below 80% of your personal best, follow your asthma action plan and check PEF more frequently that day or as directed by your doctor. Seek immediate help before your asthma symptoms worsen.

Some people who are forced to wear face masks all day in the workplace complain of headaches, shortness of breath and anxiety,” CBS DFW reported, detailing the experiences of employees of the Southern Sisters Salon in McKinney, Texas, who have been wearing masks for months.

This reddit thread (archive) contains more experiences of people's problems with masks, which include acne, runny nose, difficulty breathing, swelling, glasses fogging up and psychological / social issues.

Virus cultures were negative for all asymptomatic positive and repositive cases, indicating no ‘viable virus’ in positive cases detected in this study … The 300 asymptomatic positive persons aged from 10 to 89 years …

This means that, overall, just one in eight (13%) of those who wear washable, reusable face masks are actually maintaining them in a way that is helpful to stopping the spread of coronavirus.

Recall, also, that government mandates don't specify the kind of mask you're supposed to wear; and from my experience - most people are wearing useless ones they've made from an old pair of pants or something like that (and also not covering their nose).

Those challenges remain, but masks bring new barriers: in addition to blocking lip movements and facial expressions (which are so important when hearing is marginal), masks muffle the high frequency portions of sound that are essential to speech.

Lip reading makes up about half of my ability to understand what someone is saying. So once the face is covered it becomes really difficult to understand what is being said to me. I’m a big supporter of masks but I’m feeling pretty nervous about any unpredictable interactions I’m going to have now.

So much for caring about the disabled by the politicians and their SJW minions.

Graph showing that wearing masks decreases ability to detect emotions

Graphs showing masks decrease recognizability of faces

Emily Stevenson, a marine biologist widely known as the “Beach Guardian,” recently went to collect litter from a beach in Cornwall, along England’s southwestern coast, and found no less than 171 pieces of discarded PPE only in the span of one hour – a shocking rise from the six PPE items she had found on a previous beach cleanup.

“We’ve already found evidence of PPE actually sinking below the ocean surface,” Stevenson said, according to The Independent. “This means that there could be a totally unaccounted for concentration of PPE pollution on the seafloor, which can remain as dormant debris for centuries.” “Once on the seafloor, it smothers any biological structures such as important Sea Fan beds in the UK, or coral reefs further afield,” she continued. “Also, this debris entails a ‘plasticizing’ effect when on the seafloor – potentially inhibiting gas exchange between the water column and sediment.”

Social distancing recommendations in different countries

Social distance supporters themselves admit (archive) that the distance isn't correlated with the amount of COVID-19 infections:

Have the countries with two-metre rules seen lower infection rates? It doesn’t look like it

For example Denmark, which has a one-metre social distancing policy, currently has death toll of over 600 in total.

Meanwhile the UK, which had a two-metre rule, currently has the third highest death rate in the world, behind the US and Brazil, with more than 40,000 deaths.

There is some evidence droplets can travel much farther than 2m, for example 6.5m or even 7-8m depending on various factors. These aren't very high quality studies, to be honest, but then again - we don't have that kind of evidence for most of the claims that the authorities make about corona. Breathing doesn't generate many droplets at all, so the only real risk is from coughing or sneezing; and it just so happens these overcome the recommended distance anyway, which makes the restrictions pointless.

Argentina is trying to solve a medical mystery after 57 sailors were infected with COVID-19 after 35 days at sea, despite the entire crew testing negative before leaving port.

However, all of the crew members had undergone 14 days of mandatory quarantine at a hotel in the city of Ushuaia. Prior to that, they had negative results, the ministry said in a statement.

So, 14 days of quarantine, and 35 days later, almost all the sailors randomly get sick with COVID-19. This would either support the exosome theory (perhaps a response to some airborne toxin being spread?) or that the virus can stick around in people for far longer than 14 days and reinfect them later. Either way, doesn't this make quarantines seem completely stupid?

When we took samples from door handles, phones or toilets it has not been possible to cultivate the virus in the laboratory on the basis of these swabs….

One neighbour of mine died as a COVID-19 collateral damage. He was on dialysis waiting for a kidney transplant and he didn't get it in time due to everything getting delayed because of the fuking 'flu'. He was 34.

FACT: Vitamin and mineral supplements cannot cure COVID-19

Micronutrients, such as vitamins D and C and zinc, are critical for a well-functioning immune system and play a vital role in promoting health and nutritional well-being. There is currently no guidance on the use of micronutrient supplements as a treatment of COVID-19.

This alleged "fact" is conclusively refuted in the next section, and the WHO is exposed as the enemy of your health!

COVID vaccines suck

Early on in the "pandemic", there were 115 vaccine candidates. Our favorite Billy Gates somehow knew that the newly developed mRNA vaccines will take the center stage:

That’s why I’m particularly excited by two new approaches that some of the candidates are taking: RNA and DNA vaccines.

What makes those different is that - instead of a weakened virus - they give your body direct genetic instructions to execute:

Here’s how an RNA vaccine works: rather than injecting a pathogen’s antigen into your body, you instead give the body the genetic code needed to produce that antigen itself.

This is the first time such a technology has been used to vaccinate humans:

Since COVID would be the first RNA vaccine out of the gate

What were the results? Is it safe and effective like we've been told? Let's check it out:

Analyzing Pfizer's trial

So I was reading the Pfizer clinical trial to learn about the effectiveness of their vaccine. They've divided 36523 people into two roughly equally sized groups - one gets the vaccine, the other not. In the no-vaccine group, 162 people ended up getting COVID, while in vaccine group only 8. They portrayed it as a 95% effectiveness, but the way they've calculated it is 162 / 8 (results 20) then 100 / 20 (results 5). So the vaccine group had 5% of the amount of sick people as the no vaccine group. But these results are kind of meaningless without considering the actual amount people that got sick. In the no vaccine group, 0.88% of the test participants got COVID, compared to 0.04% in the vaccine group. The difference isn't so impressive now, is it? You have only less than 1% of a chance to contract COVID regardless of whether you took the vaccine or not. But how did they actually determine if you have COVID, anyway?

Pfizer criteria for COVID infection

So all you needed to be considered "infected" was one symptom (even something like muscle pain, which could be from anything including the vaccine or the water injection) plus a positive nucleic acid amplification-based test (sounds like PCR, without mentioning the cycles used that would determine its accuracy). Doesn't seem very reliable, I'd make it at least three symptoms plus a PCR test with a relevant amount of cycles that is actually stated instead of hidden. I suspect the amount of actual COVID-19 cases is much less than displayed, because of the lax criteria. And since most of them are in the no-vaccine group, the biggest decrease would be there, and the vaccine's reported effectiveness would go down a lot.

Natural immunity versus the vaccine

Natural immunity is almost 7 times stronger than vaccine-induced immunity - so if you've already had COVID, it seems pointless to take it. It has also been proven that the vaccinated are more likely to spread the so-called Delta COVID variant than the unvaccinated:

We observed low Ct values (<25) in 212 of 310 fully vaccinated (68%; Figure 1A) and 246 of 389 (63%) unvaccinated individuals. Testing a subset of low-Ct samples revealed infectious SARS-CoV-2 in 15 of 17 specimens (88%) from unvaccinated individuals and 37 of 39 (95%) from vaccinated people

The Delta variant is the most common one in the UK and the US. And if the vaccine doesn't even work for preventing infection or transmission (by that variant), then the only reason to take it is for decreasing the severity of symptoms. UPDATE: the Pfizer CEO has also admitted that two doses of his vaccine (what has until recently been considered fully vaccinated) do not work against Omicron. In that case, the unvaccinated are in the exact same position as the vaccinated, except without the risk of side effects from the vaccine. So if the vaccine is not effective, let's see if it's safe:

Analyzing VAERS

VAERS data from before COVID

Before the "pandemic" we've got about 50K reports of vaccine side effects per year - of all the vaccines used that year in the US. During the 2018-19 flu season, 49% of US population decided to take the vaccine. This is about 165M million, very similar to the 177M of people fully vaccinated for COVID. Now check this out:

VAERS data from after COVID

The COVID vaccines are over ten times more likely to cause side effects than all the other vaccines from previous years put together. More than 90% of COVID vaccines used in the US are Pfizer and Moderna - both using the newly developed mRNA technology - so the increased side effects can be blamed on them. For the 2018-19 season (before corona) I'm taking into account flu vaccine doses ONLY - because I wasn't able to find the data for any others. If I did, it would increase the taken doses, decrease the percentage of side effects (since the amount of VAERS reports is already determined), and tip the scale against the COVID vaccines even more. Fact checkers - such as here (archive) and here (archive) - try to deny the results of VAERS by saying that anyone can submit a report and that they just show signals, etc. This criticism is completely worthless in light of the fact that the amount of side effects is ten times higher since the introduction of COVID vaccines. Unless these so-called fact checkers prove that the stats somehow became ten times less reliable in one year - and they haven't done that because they can't.

The real harm done by the COVID vaccines is much higher, though. Studies have estimated that VAERS underreports side effects by anywhere from 90% (archive) to 99% or more (archive). With 90% underestimation, the almost 600K people harmed by the vaccines jumps to 5 400 000 (out of 177 million fully vaccinated against COVID). With 99% underestimation that would be almost 60 million - and the true figure is probably somewhere in the middle.

The CDC (for the purposes of corona) also invented a new side effect tracking system called V-Safe, that's probably more reliable - you don't have to fill out a whole huge report (like for VAERS), just periodically get asked a few questions through your smartphone. Let's see what are its results:

Analyzing V-Safe

COVID vaccine side effects from V-Safe

Astonishing. One out of four people injected with these concoctions (both doses, as recommended by the experts) will experience joint pain during 7 days after taking the vaccine. Almost half of the lab rats patients will have a headache, more than half fatigue. And 30% fever, what corona allegedly causes is also done by the vaccine. Only problem with V-Safe is how a normal person can't traverse the database in order to find associations. All we can do is rely on scientists that have written papers based on the data, and there aren't a lot of them. But this single one (archive) is revealing enough.

The amount of US people fully vaccinated for COVID is 177 million. VAERS reports 91696 cases of fatigue among the COVID vaccinated - that's 0.05%. The percentage of patients with fatigue reported by V-Safe is 54. To reach that kind of percentage with VAERS, you'd have to assume an underestimation rate of more than 1000 times. Meaning that less than 0.1% of side effects get reported through VAERS. The same kind of calculation for headache gives 0.07% reported by VAERS and 46.7 by V-Safe, an underestimation by 667 times. So let's assume, to be generous to the vaccinators, that the underestimation is only 500 times - 0.2% of events being reported. Applying that to death, VAERS reports 7414 such cases related to the COVID vaccines. Multiplying by 500 gives us 3 million 707 thousand people killed by the vaccine in the US. If we instead consider the more conservative estimate of 90% underestimation (the first study), then the amount of deaths is "only" 74140. But if we take V-Safe's results at face value, and assume that the same underestimation rate applies to all side effects (this might not be true - after all, you'd think deaths would be more easily detected and reported) - then we end up with a COVID vaccine murder count of 4 million people.

Analyzing COVID-NET

COVID-NET hospitalization graph

COVID-NET is a US system for tracking coronavirus-related hospitalizations. According to their site it covers only 10% of their population, so we have to multiply the results by 10 to get the true hospitalization rates (assuming the figures are similar in the missing states). So we end up with two million corona-related hospitalizations overall, which isn't even 1% of the total US population (333 million). The COVID pandemic is so serious that 99%+ of people will barely be affected. And the vast majority that end up in the hospital are from the 50+ age group (what are you doing on this site, grandpa?). Of course, remember that these are COVID-related hospitalizations - meaning that anyone with a positive test during the last 14 days is counted, even if his hospital stay had nothing to do with corona. But we already knew that from the previous sections, didn't we? Now let's compare that to the vaccine-related hospitalizations:

COVID vaccine hospitalization rate

Only 60K overall - COVID is clearly more dangerous then, right? Not when you consider the proven underestimations by VAERS, which could range anywhere from 90% (600K hospitalizations, most conservative estimate) to even 1000% or more (from my own comparisons to the more reliable V-Safe - this estimate would blow anything COVID could do out of the water). Then remember that anything under the sun is being marked as COVID-19, even falling of the ladder; hell, COVID has killed the flu. So the COVID hospitalization data can't really be trusted, while the 1000% increase in VAERS reports compared to previous years can't be denied.

Extreme consequences of the COVID vaccines

Just in case you thought they are only mild, and won't affect you anyway:

The vaccine destroys the female reproductive system

First of all, consider the fact that Pfizer has excluded pregnant women from their vaccine study:

Now why would they do that other than a suspicion that the vaccine is in fact harmful to pregnant women? Yet that didn't stop the "fact checkers" and the governments from claiming that the vaccine is safe for pregnant women, despite having no specific tests. Another reason to suspect the vaccine attacks the reproductive system is the fact the ovaries are a major mRNA accumulation point (in rats, since it wasn't tested in humans):

When the US government attempted to prove that the vaccines are safe for pregnant women, they had to resort to fraud. Look:

V-safe pregnancy registry participants who received at least one dose of an mRNA COVID-19 vaccine preconception or prior to 20 weeks’ gestation and who did not report a pregnancy loss before 6 completed weeks’ gestation were included in this analysis to assess the cumulative risk of SAB using Life Table methods.

What this means is they've arbitrarily excluded the women who've had their miscarriages happen before week 6. Which just so happens to be the week when miscarriages stop happening:

Weeks 3–4 Implantation usually occurs around 3 weeks after a person’s last period and about a week after ovulation. By week 4, they may be able to get a positive result on a home pregnancy test. As many as 50–75% of pregnancies end before getting a positive result on a pregnancy test. Most people will never know that they were pregnant, though some may suspect that they were because of pregnancy loss symptoms.

Week 5 The rate of miscarriage at this point varies significantly. One 2013 study found that the overall chance of losing a pregnancy after week 5 is 21.3%.

Weeks 6–7 The same study suggested that after week 6, the rate of loss drops to 5%. In most cases, it is possible to detect a heartbeat on an ultrasound around week 6.

The rate of miscarriages is 50-75% in week 3 and 4, 21% in week 5, 5% in week 6 and even less later. And the study only considered women who miscarried week 6 or later. So, the "researchers" eliminated the women who could actually get miscarriages, which then allowed them to claim that the vaccine does not cause them. It would be like, if I wanted to prove that people can't jump, I would only include the obese in my study, who actually can't jump. The honest way to do the study would be to include all the weeks - but they couldn't have done that because it would show that the vaccine DOES in fact induce miscarriages. An admitted fraud, right in the methods.

The vaccine destroys the male reproductive system

Oh, by the way, we now have proof that the vaccine attacks the male reproductive system, too. Repetitive measurements revealed −15.4% sperm concentration decrease on T2 (CI -25.5%–3.9%, p = 0.01) leading to total motile count 22.1% reduction (CI -35% - -6.6%, p = 0.007) compared to T0.. The people reporting the results have of course begun with the standard lip service for the vaccine: The development of covid-19 vaccinations represents a notable scientific achievement. Hahaha. By the way, I've read the paper itself and (as usual) the abstract as well as the media reporting are fraudulent. The situation is much worse than it seems - look:

T3 are the results 150+ days after taking the shot, and they still show a Total Motile Count drop of 19.4%, and Sperm concentration drop of 15.9% compared to the baseline (before vaccination). Comparing T2 to T3 shows that the sperm concentration still keeps falling at month 6 after the shot - while the abstract claims that T3 evaluation demonstrated overall recovery. of sperm functionality. Science is in on the fraud, my friends. The vast majority of people will only read the abstract, and trust the assurances of fact checkers (which repeat the same recovery lie), so the fraud works very well. Let me reiterate, the month 6 sperm functionality is lower than the month 3 one. This likely means that the damage is forever. After all, wouldn't the functionality have come back after five months if it was supposed to? A bone break heals long before that, for example. But the data shows the sperm parameters are still getting worse at that point.


Summarizing: there are 3 main reasons to avoid the vaccine. One, it's a new technology (mRNA) that is clearly much more harmful than the way vaccines were made before - but whose long term side effects are also totally unknown. Two, you're taking a vaccine for something that's unlikely to significantly affect you, anyway. If you ride it out (as in, get infected without dying), you get an immunity that's stronger than what the vaccine would have provided. Three, and perhaps the most important - you're denying the elites the world they really want. The world where you have to take their preferred substances to participate in society. Lockdowns and quarantines are apart of the same slavery scheme - but the vaccines are worse. Since they edit your genetics, they're giving away the control of your body permanently to the elites (perhaps why Billy was able to "predict" they're going to take the center stage? No, that can't be...). The vaccine passports can also be kept going indefinitely (it will be just another document required for flights, hospital visits, etc - same as an ID card or whatever), unlike lockdowns and quarantines. What about the other types of vaccines, such as the Chinese or Indian ones? Though they're less dangerous than the mRNAs, reasons 2 and 3 still apply.

Measures that actually work

What is the proper course of action against infections, then? How about supporting your immune system - which is what has to deal with any kind of virus or bacteria, anyway? Here are some relevant quotes from the excellent book The Wheel of Health:

These areas of infection due to the same cause were very varied in character and situation. One rat would have something wrong with its ear, another with its stomach, another with its bladder, and so on.

Actually, 44 percent of the 92 rats had something wrong with their urinary organs; 24 percent with their ears and noses; 38 percent with their eyes; 21 percent with their stomachs and intestines; and 9 percent with their lungs.

If a source of Vitamin A, such as butter, cod liver oil or egg yolk formed a part of the diet, infective lesions were never seen in rats, the addition of these substances to the deficient diets, generally resulted in rapid improvement and ultimate cure.

So, rats fed shitty diets get infections - but the ones given a good diet don't and can in fact rapidly cure themselves - proving the WHO completely wrong. Of course, these infections were unspecified, but there's no reason to think COVID-19 would somehow be exempt. The great thing about the immune system is that it's universal and can kill every single bacteria and virus in existence - including the mighty COVID-19 (archive) or even salmonella (archive). If this wasn't the case - and we required a specific drug or a vaccine for every new pathogen that might appear (and this happens all the time (archive)) - anyone who didn't get those medical remedies would just die. We have survived on this Earth for millions of years, and for a lot of that time, there was no handwash, antibiotics, masks or stuff like that. Yet we're still here today, because our immune system is very effective at its job. However, civilization is full of toxic assaults that can weaken it - such as refined sugar (archive), industrial seed oils (archive), pesticides (archive), EMFs (archive) and psychological stress (archive). So how can we protect ourselves?

Children with low levels were more likely to have fever at a temperature of 40 degrees C or higher (68% vs 44%), to have fever for 7 days or more (54% vs 23%), and to be hospitalized (55% vs 30%). Children with low vitamin A levels had lower measles-specific antibody levels.

Overall, the mean plasma retinol concentration was 1.74 ± 1.09 µmol/L in TB patients and 2.8 ± 0.97 µmol/L in healthy controls (Table 2). Comparison between TB patients and healthy controls showed a statistically significant difference (p < 0.0001).

The recognition that RA induces gut imprinting, together with our finding that it enhances A-Treg conversion (A-Treg = T regulatory cells - addition mine), differentiation, and expansion, indicates that RA production in vivo may drive both the imprinting and A-Treg development in the face of overt inflammation.

The US Recommended Daily Allowance of vitamin A is currently 5,000 IU per day (and may possibly be lowered to 2500 IU per day). From the work of Weston Price, we can assume that the amount in indigenous diets was about 50,000 IU per day

When immune cells called macrophages encounter a pathogen and become activated, the vitamin D pathway is turned on, leading to the induction of the cathelicidin antimicrobial peptide if serum levels of vitamin D are sufficient

subjects treated with vitamin D supplementation had immune-related differential gene expression in alveolar macrophages.

Each 10 nmol/l increase in 25(OH)D was associated with a 7 % lower risk of infection (95 % CI 3, 11 %) after adjustment for adiposity, lifestyle and socio-economic factors.

Vitamin D helps H pylori infections

In those patients who do have influenza, we have treated them with the vitamin D hammer, as coined by my colleague. This is a 1-time 50 000 IU dose of vitamin D3 or 10 000 IU 3 times daily for 2 to 3 days. The results are dramatic, with complete resolution of symptoms in 48 to 72 hours.

Now, I've mentioned before that the immune system is universal - so it doesn't matter what kind of pathogen you've got, it will still mount a defense. This, though, will not satisfy the fearmongers or their unfortunate victims who've been brainwashed into thinking nCov is magic fairy dust. Here - then - is evidence that Vitamin D is directly involved in fighting against COVID-19:

Vitamin D lessens COVID symptoms

Vitamin D lessens chance of catching COVID

Mean serum 25(OH) vitamin D level was significantly lower among deceased patients compared with the surviving patients (10.4 ± 6.4 vs. 19.3 ± 11.2 ng/mL, respectively)

Mean serum 25(OH) vitamin D level was significantly lower in patients with severe-critical COVID-19 compared to that of patients with moderate COVID-19 (10.1 ± 6.2 vs. 26.3 ± 8.4 ng/mL, respectively)

Okay, I think that's enough. Vitamin D also helps against chronic diseases (archive) - and we know that that the so-called COVID-19 disease only really happens with co-morbidities. Anyway, how much do you need to take? Remember that the natural source of Vitamin D is the sun (food does not contain relevant amounts) - so if you get enough of that, you don't need to supplement (unless it's the winter). However, these days, many people spend most of their time at home or in an office, etc. and are vitamin D deficient (archive) as a result:

With the use of such definitions, it has been estimated that 1 billion people worldwide have vitamin D deficiency or insufficiency. 7-12,15-22 According to several studies, 40 to 100% of U.S. and European elderly men and women still living in the community (not in nursing homes) are deficient in vitamin D

The optimal amount of Vitamin D in blood is at least 54 ng / ml - this is what's required to prevent all the diseases listed in this chart:

Disease incidence prevention by serum Vitamin D level

This is corroborated by indigenous people having an average Vitamin D level of 46 ng / ml (archive). And yet, the so-called health authorities don't consider deficiency until below 20 ng / ml (archive):

Vitamin D has major role in calcium and bone metabolism. Normal values are 75-100 nmol/L (30-40 ng/ml). Vitamin D deficiency is defined if serum hydroxyvitamin D levels are less than 50nmol/L (20 ng/ml), insufficiency as 50-75 nmol/L (20-30 ng/ml).

This murderous recommendation tells you that the healthy level is less than what's required to prevent cancers, diabetes and fractures. This is also what's considered "deficiency" in studies - so the real amount of people with levels below adequate is much higher than reported. So how much do we take (archive) to reach the optimal level?

If you have even mild Vitamin D Deficiency, it is likely that you will need to be taking approximately 50,000 IU’s per week (about 7000 per day - addition mine) for 4 to 12 weeks. If you have SEVERE deficiency, then you may need to be taking Vitamin D Supplements as high as 50,000 IU’s per DAY for a month or even two months until getting a repeat Vitamin D Serum Level.

And yet, the so-called medical authorities recommend only 400 IU (archive) per day, which is simply a mockery:

You should take 10 micrograms (400 IU) of vitamin D a day between October and early March to keep your bones and muscles healthy.

They also claim that anymore than 4000 IU is toxic:

Do not take more than 100 micrograms (4,000 IU) of vitamin D a day as it could be harmful.

This is despite the fact that studies routinely use even higher amounts (archive) without ill effect. In fact, if you explore the above list, you will see that benefits start to appear usually from at least 2000 IU per day and up to 20000 (or higher in single doses). 400 is an amount that would maybe do something for a mouse, certainly not a human. There's really no danger of poisoning yourself (archive) with Vitamin D:

[...] I have not seen one single case of it ("it" = Vitamin D poisoning - my addition) in over 10 years of being a nurse in intensive care units and emergency rooms in major cities.

[...] there is "no evidence of adverse effects from taking 10,000 IU of Vitamin D a day".

cases of vitamin D toxicity with hypercalcemia, for which the 25(OH)D concentration and vitamin D dose are known, all involve intake of (greater than or equal to) 40,000 IU/d

Even in the above case, only hypercalcemia is used as proof of toxicity (not any actual negative symptom), and it's a possibility that something else was impairing calcium metabolism (e.g lack of another mineral or vitamin). Extremely high Vitamin D amounts given to children appear to be harmless aside from the aforementioned temporary high blood calcium levels:

In fact, in East Germany between the 1940's and 1960's, children would ROUTINELY get 6 doses of 600,000 IU's of Vitamin D between birth and 18 months old.

A study called Intermittent High Dose Vitamin D During Infancy questioning this practice's safety noted that, while many of the children developed transient high levels of blood calcium levels, "...all the infants appeared healthy and repeated inquiries... have failed to identify clinical vitamin d toxicity as a result of the prophylactic program...".

The only cases of poisoning I've been able to find were the result of someone else's fuckup - such as supplements having a thousand times the listed amount (archive) of the vitamin, or a doctor making a mistake in prescription (archive) so that the patient took 30 times the amount she should have. Even with serious overdoses (archive) due to oversights, there are often no long-term effects - No renal, cardiac, or neurologic complications were noted.. In short, there's no reason to worry about Vitamin D toxicity unlike what the so-called medical authorities claim. Wow, this took long - now let's move on to the other immune supporters:

Thus supplementation of healthy volunteers with a “selenium replete” status with 200 μg/d Se for 8 wk increased the ability of human peripheral blood lymphocytes to respond to stimulation with alloantigen (48). The sup- plementation regimen resulted in 118% increase in cytotoxic lymphocyte-mediated tumor cytotoxicity and 82.3% increase in natural killer cell activity as compared to baseline values.

An amyocarditic strain of coxsackievirus B3, CVB3/0, converted to virulence when it was inoculated into Se-deficient mice. This conversion was accompanied by changes in the genetic structure of the virus so that its genome closely resembled that of other known virulent CVB3 strains.

More recent research has shown that a mild strain of influenza virus, influenza A/Bangkok/1/79, also exhibits increased virulence when given to Se-deficient mice. This increased virulence is accompanied by multiple changes in the viral genome in a segment previously thought to be relatively stable.

Selenium decreases HIV viral load

Natural Killer (NK) cell activity was examined in a 16-month-old Japanese boy with Shwachman syndrome associated with severe vitamin E deficiency. As evaluated by 51Cr-release assay from K562 cells, NK cell activity was constantly decreased. After 8 weeks of oral alpha-tocopherol (alpha-Toc) supplementation (100 mg/day), NK cell activity had normalised. When alpha-Toc supplementation was interrupted for 16 weeks. NK cell activity again decreased.

Ascorbic acid was essential for the developmental progression of mouse bone marrow-derived progenitor cells to functional T-lymphocytes in vitro and also played a role in vivo.

As we expected, the levels of IFN-α and -β in BAL fluid and plasma from vitamin C-insufficient Gulo (-/-) mice were quiet lower than those in wild type and vitamin C-sufficient Gulo (-/-) mice (Fig. 3A and B). This result proves that vitamin C is an essential factor for the production of anti-vital immune response during the early phase of virus infection through the production of type I IFNs.

The patients with septic shock had lower vitamin C concentrations and higher C-reactive protein concentrations than the non-septic patients 

This is despite receiving allegedly adequate amounts (might it be because they are not actually enough, and the authorities have lied again?):

These low vitamin C levels were apparent despite receiving recommended intakes via enteral and/or parenteral nutritional therapy (mean 125 mg/d).

There is much more evidence if you care to look around. I think the overall trend is clear - the human immune system depends on nutrients. Lack of them kills it while replenishing them reactivates it. And we need all of them because they do different jobs. However, unlike with drugs - we do not need to know what exactly every nutrient does. Our bodies are so smart, you just need to provide the required nutrition and the body will know what to do with it. Science has spent lots of human effort and resources to try and find specific virus or bacteria cures. They are - of course - chasing their own tails if they don't take nutrition into account. There's no need to know the specifics of COVID-19 replication (archive) and such - because as I said before, the immune system is universal and - if well supported - will destroy all pathogens while we are none the wiser. Of course, modern medicine loves this "scientific" attitude because they can then develop drugs to block specific enzymes etc. and earn a lot of money while the people's health remains poor. It's all a big scam.

Sources for the relevant nutrients

Food is the best (archive) - more absorbable and with no potential for toxicity. Supplements only as a last resort.

Herbal medicine

Realistically, our immune system should deal with infections with just the basics covered. However, sometimes you need that extra boost, and herbs can provide it in a safe way (unlike medical drugs or vaccines). Keep in mind that for the longest time humanity has lived in the wild, being dependent on the plants growing there. Eating those would have given them a constant dose of thousands of bioactive phytochemicals of which some have anti-infective properties. So, just including a variety of plants in your diet is a great way to try to replicate the ancient environment to which we're adapted to. But some plants are particularly effective - and we call the usage of those herbal medicine:

Definitely the King of immune supporters that can apparently kill any virus (archive) - Almost every virus tested has not been able to withstand allicin, the active ingredient produced when a fresh clove of garlic is crushed. Here's what the Encyclopedia of Herbal Medicine says about it:

Garlic has always been esteemed for its healing powers, and before the development of antibiotics it was a treatment for all manner of infections, from tuberculosis to typhoid.

Garlic is an excellent remedy for all types of chest infections. It is good for colds, flu, and ear infections

Renowned herbalist Richard Schulze (archive) (who ran a clinic for decades, curing all kinds of allegedly incurable diseases) heavily praises garlic:

I have seen it destroy all bacteria, virus, fungus, worms and parasites, everything inside, and outside too. Garlic is the most potent killer of bacteria, virus and fungus, in fact any antigen/pathogen, stronger than any other herb.

Garlic is totally selective in its bacteria destruction, only killing bacteria that's harmful to our body. What is amazing is that, at the same time, garlic actually enhances our friendly bacteria and improves our intestinal flora and digestion. Garlic destroys many types of bacteria including Streptococcus, Staphylococcus, Typhoid, Diphtheria, cholera, bacterial dysentery (Traveller’s diarrhea), Tuberculosis, Tetanus, Rheumatic bacteria, and many others. But, that's not all, garlic is also an extremely potent anti-viral agent. Garlic has been tested against many viruses and is known to destroy on contact the viruses that cause Measles, Mumps, Mononucleosis (Epstein-Barr), Chicken pox, Herpes simplex #1 and #2, Herpes Zoster, Viral Hepatitis, scarlet fever, Rabies and others. But still, that's not all. Garlic's anti-fungal ability is second to none. In the laboratory, it has proven to be more potent than any known antifungal agent including Nystatin. Garlic will regulate the overgrowth of Candida albicans and positively kill ringworm.

Garlic's brother (or maybe sister?) in arms, that instead of directly killing pathogens, increases the activity of your own immune system. Again from Schulze (archive):

It helps the body create more immune blood cells, actually increases T-cell counts, helps increase macrophage production and activity (eating ability), stimulates production of interferon and interleukin I, and it seems to protect cells from invasion.

Echinacea and Garlic are a dynamite duo and I highly suggest they be used together. I suggest anyone on Echinacea consume at least 3 cloves of garlic a day, also.

I had a woman come into my clinic who had an infected, swollen sore throat for 3 1/2 months and the doctors had given her every drug and antibiotic under the sun; nothing worked. Her immune system was shot. She used Echinacea tincture for 2 days and it was gone and never came back. I have had patients with chronic infections for years get almost instant results using Echinacea only for a few days.

And from the Encyclopedia:

Clinical research into echinacea has confirmed that it increases the number of white blood cells and their strength of action, although its precise mode of action on immune function is not well understood. The polysaccharides inhibit the ability of viruses to take over cells, while the alkylamides are antibacterial and antifungal. Research supports the use of echinacea to prevent colds and respiratory infections resulting from air travel.

Echinacea is a key remedy in Western herbal medicine, and is used to treat many health problems, notably viral and fungal infections, and skin infections such as acne and boils. It makes an excellent gargle for throat infections, and is typically prescribed by herbalists wherever the immune system is underperforming.

You could say Garlic is the sword and Echinacea the shield in the fight against infectious diseases. But herbal medicine still has more to offer:

This one is specific for respiratory infections (what COVID-19 is alleged to be). From the Encyclopedia again:

The herb is an antiseptic and is very helpful for colds, flu, and sore throats.

Eucalyptus is a strong expectorant, suitable for chest infections, including bronchitis and pneumonia.

The diluted essential oil, applied to the skin as a chest or sinus rub, has a warming and slightly anesthetic effect, helping to relieve respiratory infections. The same effect occurs when the infusion or tincture is used as a gargle.

Calms down the immune system when it has become overactive. Weakens the damage from infections that have already got in. From the Encyclopedia:

Research has established that turmeric, and curcumin in particular, blocks several different inflammatory pathways, countering inflammation throughout the body.

Turmeric is largely taken as a supplement to prevent or treat cancer, dementia, and many auto- immune diseases.

It has also been shown to act specifically against COVID-19! So, we've had a cure for COVID-19 (archive) right under our noses that the authorities have of course completely ignored:

According to the paper,3 "Potential Inhibitor of COVID-19 Main Protease (Mpro) From Several Medicinal Plant Compounds by Molecular Docking Study," posted March 13, 2020, on, curcumin and demethoxycurcumin were two compounds (found in turmeric - addition mine) among several that were found to inhibit COVID-19 Mpro.

Studies have also shown curcumin has an inhibitory effect on virus-induced cytokine storms, which occur as a result of an overproduction of immune cells and pro-inflammatory cytokines. This too suggests it may be of particular use against COVID-19, considering the cytokine storm triggered in severe and critical COVID-19 infection is what ends up killing these patients.

Chokeberry juice inactivated about 97% of SARS-CoV-2 after 5 min, while green tea and pomegranate juice inactivated about 80% of the virus.

Keep in mind this is a culture study, so not as good as an actual human study would be, but still - it's much better evidence than what the fearmongers have for their useless measures. WHO, of course, has shat on herbal medicine as a treatment for COVID-19, prefering masks, lockdowns and vaccines which don't work. Should we laugh or cry?

World Health Organization bullshitting about garlic

May have when the amount of evidence is massive (versus zero for their useless measures). Ha ha ha. Anyway, since this isn't a report about herbal medicine, I think I'll finish this here. There are more antiviral herbs than the ones I mentioned, such as cinnamon, oregano, or lemon. For the purposes of the argument, I've also assumed that COVID-19 is actually an infectious disease - even though it's usually the co-morbidities that end up doing you in. There are herbs for chronic diseases as well, and the COVID-19 fearmongers - by ignoring or attacking these extremely effective remedies - have exposed themselves as enemies of your health. To learn more, read the Encyclopedia of Herbal Medicine, visit Richard Schulze's webpage, or look up herbal remedies by action on sites such as Herbpathy. Scientific studies can be found on e.g GreenMedInfo.

If it's not about your health, then what?

We've conclusively proven that corona response had nothing whatsoever to do with your health. What was the point of it all, then? Let's go through the things that have happened as a result of the fake pandemic:

For example, in Manchester (archive) - but really all over the world. Obviously a way to deny people the ability to meet their families in other countries. Teaches you that someone else controls where and when you can move.

Schwab On Right To Travel: Risk Assessment ‘Brain Scans’ (archive)

From the point of view of the business, it destroys their profits and makes them die (archive):

Across the full sample, 43% of businesses had temporarily closed, and nearly all of these closures were due to COVID-19.

Our results also highlight the financial fragility of many businesses. The median firm with monthly expenses over $10,000 had only enough cash on hand to last roughly 2 wk. Three-quarters of respondents only had enough cash on hand to last 2 mo or less.*

Big international corpos can avoid this fate due to having money saved up as well as their bigger online presence. From the point of view of the customer, it restricts the stuff they're able to do. No more going to the restaurant, the barber, the doctor. Just have to rely on what you yourself are able to do. Also takes away jobs and makes people dependent on government handouts, in preparation for the AI takeover that will likely make many people homeless.

Really, a better way to call this would be house arrest. Same reason as the travel bans, but much more restrictive.

Coronavirus quarantine enforced for all people entering Australia, lockdowns on the table (archive)
Coronavirus quarantine rule prompts WA threat of $50,000 penalty as panic buying intensifies (archive)
Coronavirus: All New Zealand's confirmed COVID-19 cases to be put in quarantine facilities from now on
Electronic wristband to ensure stay-home notice: Quarantine monitoring devices being used by others worldwide (archive)

And don't you dare defy it!

Dystopian Footage: Quarantine Breaker Subdued & Arrested By Swarm Of Police In Hazmat

Masks have a symbolic meaning of shutting your mouth, so it teaches you that you don't have a say. Also, much of human communication is through facial expressions, and the masks destroy that. You now have no idea whether the person next to you is angry, scared, serious or making a joke, etc. which surely isn't good for social connections. The authorities really need you to wear your muzzle, you good doggie you:

Venezuela Is Forcing People Who Are Caught Not Wearing Masks Into Hard Labor (archive)
Pepper the robot can politely suggest you wear a damn mask
LA County Mayor Says Not Wearing A Mask Is "Act Of Domestic Terrorism" (archive)

Get more information about you, train you to accept more surveillance in preparation for worse (AI CCTV, microchips, etc...)

Australia to allow contact tracers to access credit card transaction data
Iran Launched an App That Claimed to Diagnose Coronavirus. Instead, It Collected Location Data on Millions of People (archive)
Google considers sharing location of user movements with governments to provide social distancing data (archive)
Singapore confirms that police can access coronavirus contact tracing data (archive)

Destroy friendships, families, social connections in general. Create a world where everyone is suspicious of the other guy.

Los Angeles to shut off water and power to houses hosting large parties or gatherings (archive)

Simple - can't have people do independent research. All must buy into the fearmongering narrative! These headlines should say it all:

Vietnam introduces 'fake news' fines for coronavirus misinformation (archive)
UN Recruits 110,000 Social Media Influencers To Correct Online COVID Wrongthink (archive)
Australian woman arrested for "incitement" over anti-lockdown Facebook post (archive)

And again, teaches you that someone else controls what you can or can't say.

By claiming that (archive) cash can spread the virus...

However, the agency did say it's "advisable to use contactless payments to reduce the risk of transmission," the Telegraph reports.

...they want to reach cashless society, which will allow the banks to have a database of all our purchases, block certain ones, reduce social credit according to them, apply fines, or even "erase" a person. More here.

Will coronavirus spell the end of cash in Britain? (archive)
Venezuela Has Gone Cashless (And That’s Not All) (archive)

By looking at the punishments for not being vaccinated, we can see that this issue is really important to the ruling class:

COVID vaccine refusal could result in ban from going to work
French Law Would Ban People Who Don’t Get COVID Vaccine From Using Public Transport (archive)
Five years imprisonment and/or a $66,600 fine for refusing coronavirus vaccination? (archive)
Qantas CEO Alan Joyce says proof of COVID-19 vaccination will be a condition of international air travel (archive)

The point of it is to take away control over your own body, especially since this will be the first ever vaccine to modify your programming (archive) (genetics):

Here’s how an RNA vaccine works: rather than injecting a pathogen’s antigen into your body, you instead give the body the genetic code needed to produce that antigen itself

Note: I did not claim here that DNA will be permanently altered. However, according to this doctor, that is a possibility. I've transcribed the relevant part of the interview (skipping stuff I couldn't understand or didn't think matters):

So, RNA can be transcribed...about 6 or 7% of our DNA is retroviral DNA, and this messenger RNA can be transcribed. SARS itself has been shown now, they just wrote a paper that it can transcribe into our own clearly if the virus can do it, the vaccine can do it cause it's, it's what we're using, we're using a part of the virus, the spike protein, to make the vaccine. So, we're seeing transcription into our own DNA. So, could it happen? Of course it can happen cause it's happened with the actual virus itself. It means this messenger RNA goes into your body and then could design it on purpose but we'll assume they're not designing it that way on purpose, but accidentally get transcribed into your own DNA. That's what retroviruses do.

[Question:] what does it mean if I was Dr. Evil and like the most sinister person in the world?

[Answer:] What it means is you'll have chronic COVID-19 your whole life. We're thinking, potentially, and this is not just about the vaccine only, alright? But the vaccine could definitely do the same thing. We think that some of these people have extended COVID-19, it's because it's transcribing into DNA...Back into the 1990s, they were excited cause you could cure cancer this way, insert a gene code into the body to maybe get over inborn error of metabolism, so yeah, this is Dr. Evil stuff, potentially. Hopefully these guys aren't doing that.

However, even if the vaccine will not have an effect on DNA, it's still getting your body to directly execute external instructions. And since (as the above links show) you will become a second class citizen without the vaccine - the vast majority of people will take it. And the fearmongers could easily create a vaccine that will make your own body produce any kind of protein (not just the corona spike protein) including ones that kill fertility (experiments on that have long been done - archive) or possibly inhibit certain traits - such as rebelliousness or courage. There is now scientific proof (archive) that RNA from COVID (and thus presumably the mRNA vaccines which contain it) can get integrated into your DNA. UPDATE March 2022: forget the presumably, we now have direct scientific proof:

"We also show that BNT162b2 mRNA is reverse transcribed intracellularly into DNA in as fast as 6 h upon BNT162b2 exposure."

And once genetic modification is on the table, anything is possible.

The blueprint for slavery

Looking at the above, can we come up with an overall description for what the ruling class is planning to do with the corona response? I think we can. The measures enacted (masks, social distancing, lockdowns, quarantines, travel bans, online jobs, tracking apps, censorship, forced vaccines) all heavily violate our freedom or dignity. The massive punishments for resisting those destroy our spirits and create learned helplessness. This is where Stockholm Syndrome comes into play as a defense mechanism. When you're being abused and can't see a way out, a common response is to pretend your abuser is actually your friend. But for that to work, there needs to exist a justification for the abuse. And I can't come up with a better one than an invisible, deadly and contagious monster that requires all those extreme measures to stop. It has worked extremely well:

Poll showing Polish people support the government anti-COVID measures Poll showing UK people support the government anti-COVID measures

87% of Poles and 79% of Brits support their respective governments' COVID-19 measures. I'm sure most of the other countries would have similar figures. This is exactly the kind of mindset the ruling class needs for their plans to be realized without inhibitions. Anyway, in the old version of the report I've said this:

I must say - "the coronavirus" has been amazingly successful at bringing us closer to all the above - but it's not enough. They will need a few more fake pandemics, school shootings, terrorist attacks, child porn scandals, environmental disasters, etc. which are all staged for this exact purpose. The main barrier is our mentality - which must be fully transformed into a helpless, cucked, Stockholm Syndrome one - before they can implement all their policies unchallenged. This is why they spend so much effort on scaremongering - you must have the idea that resistance is futile and to "trust the experts" forced into your head 24 / 7 until it sticks. The strategy seems to be working

Now it's obvious I've underestimated the severity of the situation. Sure, they will keep running other scams, but it's clear that they went all in on the fake pandemic. We can see this from the extreme punishments unleashed on people who dare to resist. But we also have direct proof from the so-called Great Reset (archive) initiative. What is the Great Reset?

The not-so-Great Reset

Just the New World Order rebranded. Finally, the ruling class admits they want to globally change the way the world works. The conspiracy theorists were right all along! However, to do that, they've needed an excuse and corona provides a perfect one. Now, the plan is of course portrayed as a positive, with slogans such as Reset ourselves to become agents of change, not just passive receivers of briefs and Reset our work so what we create promotes sustainable values, attitudes and behaviours. Let's see what is actually hiding behind those:

There's no vaccine for the infodemic - so how can we combat the virus of misinformation? (archive)

In a world where social media is increasingly where most of us get so much of our information, and where we value freedom of speech as a cornerstone of democracy, what can be done to combat dangerous misinformation?

1984-style newspeak! Censorship is freedom!

Is the world up to the challenge of mass COVID-19 vaccination? (archive)

As vaccine capacity ramps up , we face a task of unprecedented scale to ensure an inclusive, safe and sustainable distribution to reach frontline healthcare workers, at-risk groups and eventually all people around the world.

Hear that? Everyone's getting the vax!

Bill Gates: Data could help us stop Alzheimer's (archive)

Instead of having to navigate dozens of individual databases, scientists will be able to access and upload information to a patient database from around the world.

A worldwide database of health information? That's totally not abusable! Sign me up!

We urgently need a Global Data Convention. Here’s why (archive)

A Global Data Convention would constitute an integrated set of data principles and standards that unite national governments, public institutions, private sector, civil society organizations and academia. These universal principles and standards would set out the elements of responsible and ethical handling and sharing of data and the global institution or institutions that would provide incentives for applying these principles and overseeing their consistent application across different communities. Any such convention would need to address privacy of personal data, access to data, the exchange of data, data interoperability and data transparency, to name a few.

Pretend to want to use your data in a responsible and ethical way, but actually shamelessly use it for their own purposes. The same crap Mozilla has pulled, this time on a world scale.

Coronavirus vaccine: How will it affect the future of flying (archive)

No vaccine = no travel!

5 lasting changes from the COVID-19 pandemic (archive)

If you read the article, four of those refer to moving things to the digital sphere. The ruling class loves this so that they can control people easier and push the merge with machine (so-called transhumanism).

Welcome to 2030. I own nothing, have no privacy, and life has never been better (archive)

Headline should say it all! So we end up with global information control, tracking, lack of bodily ownership, data collection on an unprecedented scale, no property, spread of SJW ideology, increased digitization, etc. None of those would be accepted without the corona response first causing Stockholm Syndrome in people. There is more, of course. A whole book called COVID-19: The Great Reset even exists (that I didn't read, but might take a look at sometime...). Recall that the World Economic Forum are the same people that gave us Event-201, proving this was all planned.

Anyway, it's clear the NWO / Great Reset is now not just in the conspiracy theorists' imaginations, but actively being realized. And they've even graciously given us a date - 2030 - until which we have to stop it. But, of course, with the Stockholm Syndromization of the people (caused by the COVID-19 measures), they've ensured we won't do shit. Worse than that - even if the populace eventually uncucked itself, it might be too late to resist with systems such as AI surveillance, social credit, smart homes, microchips, mind links, digital payments, murder drones, etc. widely in place. See Technological slavery.

The eventual endgame, I think, is depopulation. This can be easily seen by the fact of how the authorities haven't cared about the lives of people during this fake pandemic at all. Now, they can't just barge in and start killing everyone; after all, we heavily outnumber them and you'd think that - even with how cucked the populace has gotten - we'd do something at that point. And so, they need more stealthy ways of reducing the population. Corona provides them a few good ones (such as homelessness, suicides, vaccine "side effects" and postponed doctor visits). Slowly but surely, they will include more direct ways of doing so (boiling frog strategy). But what is the actual point of depopulation?

Mike Adams, the guy who runs Natural News, has once come up with an interesting theory in one of his videos (I can't find it now so this might be more my own take on things). All the stuff the globalists are doing is meant to kill off the weak, stupid, lazy, unhealthy, socially useless, etc people. Remember that it's most often the psychopaths that rise to power (archive), and a Hunger Games-style competition to weed out the weak is their idea of fun. This would fit right in with the fake pandemic considering the suicides, denied operations, evictions, etc. So, when the depopulation agenda is finally realized, all that's left will be the best humanity has to offer. Then, those remaining smart, healthy, strong, driven people will be able to focus in propelling humanity to great heights, with space exploration, transhumanism, etc. without worrying about the useless eaters getting in the way.

At least, that's how the ruling class would think about it. To them, the regular person is a cockroach unless they prove themselves according to their criteria, of course. In reality, the depopulation agenda would mostly affect poor people regardless of any other traits. And maybe some people prefer a way of life that is less technological, more spiritual, etc. and don't care about participating in the elites' stupid game. Those, too, would not survive the purge. Whatever the explanation, the fact that the globalists are doing depopulation can't be denied at this point.

Summary of the agenda

If this was not a PSY-OP

I was about to finish up this report, but I've got an idea which should bury the official story once and for all (without drowning yourself with yet more sources or explanations). Recall the list of things I've posted in the Mozilla report that they would have done if they cared about the stuff they espouse? I'm going to try to do something similar here - what would have actually happened if this was a real (not engineered) pandemic that was claiming all these lives, endangering humanity and that the authorities are earnestly trying to stop? Let's just get to it:

Even the evil Mozilla has at least put (weak) tracking protection in their browser by default since I've posted the list (but have brought in some new malicious stuff, of course). On the other hand, in the COVID-19 case the authorities did absolutely nothing that helps people and a shitload that hurts them. When even the fucking Devil (Mozilla) has more ethics than you, you know you're really special. Anyway, I suspected this pandemic was fake news right from the beginning (knowing that the spooks have pulled off similar scams before) - but there was still some doubt lingering around in my mind. Now, I am absolutely sure this is only a PSY-OP. Since starting this, I've seen zero evidence to support the official story and no justifications for what the authorities are doing. Nothing I've read and none of the people I've talked to were able to show me anything substantial. In fact, the deeper I dig, the more damning information I find and the whole thing just seems like a sick joke. For me, I think the investigation of this increasingly smelly pile of cow dung is done (UPDATE: of course, I did not keep promise - just way too much great info appeared to ignore it). Now, all that remains is to wait for the aftermath and hope we can get through it with some freedom still remaining. Let me end on this note, and have a nice day ^_^.

UPDATE: fuck it, it's already 2021 - that means I've been yapping about this crap for almost a year! When I started this report, people used to fall into two camps. One believed that a rogue bat or snake brought corona into the Wuhan seafood market and infected the people who handled it. The conspiracy theorists - on the other hand - blamed the lab in Wuhan for creating and releasing the virus. Either way, they all thought it will kill us all - exactly lining up with the fearmongering agenda. No one really called bullshit on it - but I - knowing the previous fake pandemics and other scams the spooks have pulled - immediately knew something was fishy. I've got criticized from many sides, even the people in the XMPP groupchat, but now it's obvious I've got it right. Not that I'm happy about it because it means the world will irreversibly change, and for the worse. I also want to highlight another issue - many of the so-called conspiracy theories are actually controlled opposition released by the ruling class itself to redirect resistance in a way that is beneficial to them. This explains why all the so-called alternative media jumped onto the bioweapon theory. So, don't believe everything you read even from allegedly freethinking circles. Anyway, I'm so tired of this scam now and I think I'm finally ready to finish up and focus on something fun like game reviews ^_^. Minor modifications are still possible, but overall, sayonara COVID-19!

The fake pandemic brings societal problems into the open

I was supposed to finish up, but must get this out of my system. Straight from the heart ^__^

They either get completely consumed by the mainstream media brainwashing, ignore the issue (but follow the restrictions anyway), or pick a conspiracy theory to follow - not realizing that many of them are controlled opposition released by the fearmongers themselves. Very few people care to dig deep!

I will anger some of the worshippers with this, but whatever. Pages upon pages of nonsense have been written about corona in the scientific journals. Despite this, we can't answer simple questions such as how many infectious viral particles are released by breathing, coughing or sneezing; how many are required to infect someone; how far do they travel with each type of exhalation, what is the effect of a strong versus weak immune system on the above factors - and many others. I mean, these are the essentials we NEEDED to have known before implementing any kind of restrictions! But of course, just because someone is a scientist doesn't mean they are not an idiot - therefore, the journals will keep being filled with crap while the basics are still not adequately answered.

They could be telling us total fakes, and we can't do shit to verify it besides some roundabout ways (such as comparing it to other countries - but what if they are all lying?). There is zero transparency in government. Citizens should have access to all the data upon which the measures were based, as well as how exactly it was collected, etc.

Such as Neil Ferguson, upon whose (now clearly disproven) model the UK based their lockdowns. Merkel and any of the other politicians who have implemented baseless restrictions in their countries. All the media talking heads and whoever writes their scripts. The vaccine producers and pushers. If these vermin could actually be punished for their destructive decisions, maybe they'd think a bit before making them and this circus would long have stopped (or never happened in the first place). See also The Enemy Who Surpasses The Law.

Just look at how they can digitally disappear anyone with a snap of their fingers - even the fucking president of America (not that I care about the guy, or believe he isn't a puppet - but still). And so, the narrative is totally controlled except for the very small amount of tech-savvy people capable of using alternative platforms (for which their audience will be low, anyway, so it doesn't exactly fix the problem).

Very few will stand up (even with something as simple as not wearing a mask), and none in a way that really matters. Give me liberty or give me death - nice quote that nobody actually believes in!

Additional resources

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