Introducing Firefox Send, Providing Free File Transfers while Keeping your Personal Information Private

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Another "private" invention from the evil Mozilla. Let's just lift the veil and get it over with:

We receive IP addresses of downloaders and uploaders as part of our standard server logs. These are retained for 90 days, and for that period, may be connected to activity of a file’s download URL. Although we develop our services in ways that minimize identification, you should know that it may be possible to correlate the IP address of a Send user to the IP address of other Mozilla services with accounts; and if there is a match, this could identify the account email address.

Logs IP for 90 days, connects that to the uploaded file - which means everything they collect is attached to your IP. Next: the interaction data they admit to storing:

This includes information such as number of people sending and receiving files, number of files uploaded and approximate file sizes, percentage of file downloaders who become uploaders, how people engage with the website (time spent, clicks, referrer information, site exit path, use of passwords).
Time spent, clicks, referrer information - very private indeed. Now the technical data:
This includes information such as operating system, browser, language preference, country, timestamps, duration for file transfer, reasons for errors, reasons for file expiration.

Timestamps, browser, seems they get their hands on everything they can - except allegedly the file's actual contents. But metadata can reveal a lot, so how does that really help? And Mozilla deceptively calls it Non-personal data - what a joke.

All in all, another fake initiative from Mozilla. What's the alternative? Disroot to the rescue as usual! Also has one GB maximum file size with no account required and doesn't store IP or the other stuff.

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