Favorite Video Game Soundtracks

Let's have a little rest from all the toxic news and analytical essays. I've loved VGM since I was a small child pretty much, and for over 10 years it has been all I've listened to. If you're looking for obscure old gems, you've found the right place - but I do recommend more popular titles as well. I could probably bury you with hundreds upon hundreds of tracks here, but I will try to focus only on the toppest of the top tier (which will inevitably end up five times bigger than I imagine, hahaha). I remember 8ch/v/ had a thread once with "curated video game OST lists" - you can consider this to be something like that, but "curated" to the most possible extent. Don't mind the categories, they're just how the tracks sound to my autistic unique mind. They are pretty fluid so some of the songs could fit into many, but I tried to pick the most fitting one. Okay, let's get the party started!

"Prepare your ass" themes

Music signifying a sense of urgency. Keeps you focused during your playthrough! Usually last level themes, or before-boss themes, but not always.

"Shit's going down" themes

Playtime is over! It's all on the line here and now! Mainly battle or boss themes. Let's start with some NES beeps:

Calming / exploration themes

Enough beating stuff up, time to rest!

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