List of plants by juice yield

For some reason, such a guide hasn't been done yet, so I'll give it a shot. Tests done with Sana 707 juicer, fine screen, strainer used.

Fruit / Vegetable Amount of produce Weight Juice yield Per 100G 2nd run increase% 3rd run increase%
Apple (Champion) Three large 750G 500ML 67ML
Apple (Champion) Two large 558G 400ML 72ML
Apple (Champion) Three medium 587G 370ML 63ML
Apple (Champion) Three medium 666G 440ML 66ML
Apple (Jonagored) Three medium 661G 400ML 61ML
Apple (Empire) Three small 320G 150ML 47ML
Apple (Gloster) Three medium 551G 400ML 73ML
Apple (Gloster) Two large 555G 400ML 72ML
Apple (Prince) Three large 780G 400ML 51ML
Apple (Prince) Three medium 640G 340ML 53ML
Apple (Ligol) Two medium 400G 280ML 70ML <=7
Apple (Ligol) Three large 838G 560ML 67ML
Apple (Mutsu) Three large 843G 500ML 59ML
Apple (Red Chief) Two large 633G 380ML 60ML
Apple (Kosztel - PL variety) Two medium 461G 350ML 76ML
Apple (Kosztel - PL variety) Two large 605G 450ML 74ML
Apple (Kosztel - PL variety) Three medium 610G 470ML 78ML
Apple (unknown) 12 2200G 1300ML 59ML 3 0 (presumed)
Beetroot Two small 192G 110ML 57ML 23-31 6-18
Beetroot Two small and three large 844G 500ML 59ML
Beetroot Two medium 453G 260ML 57ML
Beetroot Two large 782G 370ML 47ML
Beetroot One medium, one large 430G 210ML 49ML 25 10
Bell pepper One 245G 160ML 65ML 14 5
Cabbage 1/8 of medium 352G 200ML 57ML 23-34 8-11
Cabbage Small head 1000G 520ML 52ML
Cabbage Half of giant head 1566G 880ML 56ML
Cabbage (fermented) A handful 262G 180ML 69ML 11-20 2-10
Cabbage (fermented) ... 768G 520ML 68ML
Cabbage (fermented) ... 450G 310ML 69ML
Cabbage (fermented) ... 504G 360ML 71ML
Cabbage (fermented) 800ML jar 766G 520ML 68ML
Carrot Four large 586G 200ML 34ML 33 10
Carrot Five 450G 150ML 33ML
Cauliflower head 1 / 3 of head 250G 80ML 32ML 50
Cauliflower leaf From one 250G 160ML 64ML 16 11
Cauliflower leaf From one 333G 160ML 48ML
Celery stalks One package 480G 330ML 69ML 20-23 8-10
Celery stalks One package 440G 400ML 91ML
Celery stalks One package 377G 350ML 93ML
Celery stalks One package 424G 250ML 59ML
Celery stalks One package 390G 250ML 64ML
Celery stalks One package 576G 350ML 61ML
Celery stalks One package 622G 450ML 72ML
Celery stalks One package 492G 300ML 61ML
Celery (leafy parts) ... 237G 220ML 93ML 27 2
Celeriac Three small 447G 160ML 36ML
Cherry A lot 167G 110ML 69ML 18 8
Coconut Two 378G 0ML 0ML
Cranberry Lots 299G 40ML 13ML 100 50
Cucumber (smooth) One 336G 200ML 60ML
Cucumber (smooth) Two long 453G 260ML 57ML 16 18
Cucumber (smooth, with skin) Two 488G 320ML 66ML
Cucumber (smooth, with skin) Three 613G 400ML 65ML
Cucumber (smooth, with skin) Two very long 706G 400ML 57ML
Cucumber (prickly) Five 390G 190ML 49ML 25-32 12-14
Cucumber (prickly) Three large 480G 320ML 67ML
Cucumber (prickly) Nine 661G 320ML 49ML 31 19
Garlic Four bulbs 210G 40ML 19ML 75 14
Ginger Hand-sized piece 168G 170ML 100ML 11 4
Ginger Two hand-sized pieces 336G 220ML 65ML 27 7
Grapes Lots 710G 580ML 82ML 7 0
Grapes Lots 1000G 800ML 80ML
Grapes One "branch" 421G 280ML 67ML
Grapes 70 832G 530ML 64ML 13 10
Grapefruit One 263G 160ML 61ML ~10 0
Kiwi Four 440G 190ML 43ML 26 17
Kiwi Ten 906G 380ML 42ML 18 11
Leeks Small bunch 140G 40ML (UNS) 28ML 60 37
Leeks Big bunch 452G 100ML (UNS) 22ML
Lemon One 158G 100ML 63ML ~8 0
Lemon Four 501G 300ML 60ML
Lettuce (Iceberg) One head 580G 500ML 86ML
Lettuce (Regular) One head 276G 200ML 72ML 7-10 5-7
Lettuce (Regular) One head 200G 200ML 100ML
Lettuce (Regular) One head 190G 190ML 100ML
Lettuce (Regular) One head 525G 390ML 74ML
Mango One 440G 180ML 41ML
Mango One 457G 200ML 44ML
Mango Two 602G 170ML 28ML 6 5
Melon One large 1687G 1250ML 74ML
Melon (cantaloupe) One 503G 350ML 70ML 11 2
Onion Two medium 370G 260ML 69ML
Onion Two medium and one small 411G 200ML 49ML 25 11
Orange Three large 706G 510ML 72ML 7-9 0-4
Orange Two large 518G 370ML 71ML
Orange Two small 328G 240ML 73ML
Orange Two 470G 300ML 65ML
Orange Three small 339G 180ML 53ML
Orange Five small 693G 450ML 65ML
Orange Eight small 1127G 700ML 62ML 7 1
Orange Four large 1192G 900ML 76ML 6
Orange skin From three 194G 0ML 0ML
Parsnip Two 330G ~30ML ~10ML ~100 ~50
Pear Five medium 1150G 480ML 42ML 19-22 3-5
Pear Five medium 1124G 520ML 46ML
Pear Two large 660G 320ML 49ML
Pear Two medium 527G 320ML 61ML
Pear Five medium 1048G 630ML 60ML 9 3
Pineapple One large 1100G 600ML 55ML 10-18 1-6
Pineapple One medium 750G 470ML 62ML
Pineapple One medium 769G 480ML 62ML
Pineapple (with skin) One small 868G 620ML 69ML
Pineapple (with skin) One large 1280G 580ML 45ML
Pineapple (with skin) One ex. large 1680G 1150ML 68ML
Pineapple (with skin) One ex. large 1683G 1020ML 61ML
Pineapple (with skin) One large 1314G 880ML 67ML
Pineapple (with skin) One ex. large 1628G 1050ML 65ML
Pineapple (with skin) One large 1559G 1050ML 67ML 9 3
Pineapple (with skin) One medium 1417G 910ML 64ML 9 3
Plum 10 large 1000G 520ML 52ML
Plum 5 large 416G 200ML 48ML
Pomegranate 2 large, 1 medium 613G 420ML 69ML 10 2
Pomegranate Two 475G 400ML 84ML 5 0
Potato 4 743G 400ML 54ML 15 11
Red cabbage 3/4 of medium 850G 400ML 47ML 42-45 11-14
Red cabbage Half of medium 546G 220ML 40ML
Red cabbage Half of big 1523G 610ML 40ML
Strawberry A lot 300G 100ML 33ML
Strawberry 15 497G 230ML 46ML 26 0
Tangerine Three 290G 300ML 104ML
Tangerine Nine 730G 500ML 68ML 8 4
Tangerine Twelve 634G 490ML 78ML 2 2
Tangerine Five 673G 450ML 67ML 9 2
Tangerine Eleven 897G 570ML 64ML 4 2
Tart cherry Lots 388G 300ML 77ML
Tomato Two large 625G ~20ML ~3ML
Watermelon 1/5 or so 630G 600ML 97ML
Watermelon 1/5 or so 650G 800ML 123ML
Watermelon 1/4 1117G 920ML 82ML 7 2
Watermelon rind 1/5 of watermelon 463G 300ML 65ML 12-17 4-9
Watermelon rind A piece 378G 240ML 63ML
Watermelon rind 1/4 505G 300ML 59ML 30 5
Zucchini Five 1600G 600ML 37ML 50 20

Early on, I wasn't running the pulp through after the original run, so I am lacking the data for that time period. That's one reason for why I've given one result per entire section for a single item (it would just look ugly with empty table columns all over the place). I also assumed that all the results for the second and third runs will be the same (or very close) for the same type of produce, so I thought there'd be no harm in doing it this way. This proved to be terribly wrong down the road. Though that rule does apply to celery, oranges, and red cabbage (for example) - it does not for many other items (such as beets). It's too bad I only figured it out after I already lost the knowledge of which percentage result applied to which specific entry. I am leaving up the joint data for the items for which I lack the specific data, and from now on will be giving each entry a separate second / third run percentage values if I bother to measure them. The variation is so annoyingly unpredictable, too. Sometimes, you will get heavily diverging first run results, but the second and third will come to "fill the gap" (what happened in my ginger tests, for example). But other times, the decreased first run result stays that way after the second and third. So there isn't necessarily a common final juice amount for a specific type of produce. Anyway, UNS means unstrained; the strainer / sieve got clogged, probably. So I just threw the clogging things in, which means there's going to be a little higher result than would be without. Also, the measuring cup starts from 200ml and only shows increases for every 50ml, so the data points are kind of by eye especially for the measurements under 200.

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